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  1. Cartman36

    Cartman36 New Member

    The multiscreen function at the top of my web browser and s note has gone! Any ideas how to get it back? It's doing my head in :(

  2. Coops025

    Coops025 Active Member

    Tap the arrow at the bottom middle (the quick launch thing) then to the left of the bar you can toggle back to duel screen or window view.
  3. Cartman36

    Cartman36 New Member

    Thanks for the reply Coops025. I meant the dual screen option where you can have two screens up at the same time and edit on both. The option you directed me to does allow me to have two screens up but one of them will disappear if you click on the other screen. There was a multiscreen button on the top toolbar before but now it has gone. This is the feature I want to reinstate.
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Open the mini app bar at the botton of the screen and change the mode.
  5. Cartman36

    Cartman36 New Member

    Thank you to both of you. It is doing it now. Thanks again for the help.
  6. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

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