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  1. Stildawn

    Stildawn Well-Known Member

    Hi All

    I got my LG P500 about 4 months or so ago (cant exactly remember) anyway I love the thing, didnt cost me an arm and a leg and so far has done everything Ive ever wanted it to...

    About a month or two after purchase I went on a road trip with my family... In preparation for this road trip I loaded some songs (about 500mbs worth) on my phone... In the car I was impressed as with the phone plugged into the car stereo (through the headphones jack) the P500 was able to play a playlist through winamp while also using Aura GPS Navigation without a hitch... It worked brilliantly and I was most impressed... I was even able to text and make and take calls all while the phone was playing music and running the gps navigation software... In short it was awesome...

    However just a few days ago I was going out to pick up a spa pool which was about an hour away in an area I dont know well... So I plugged my phone back into the car stereo (as this puts the nav voice through the car speakers) and started up Aura GPS to find the address... This was working fine...

    The problem started when I turned on winamp on the phone to listed to music while driving there... The songs now skip ever few seconds without fail, and I tried on many different songs... It just seems that it can play them any more or something?

    I also tried turning off Aura and it was still having issues just playing the songs?

    So basically since the last trip and this one performance or multitasking has dropped considerably?

    Is there anything Im doing wrong or any fixes for this problem?


  2. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    did you change ur ROM or music player??
  3. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    try using different music players..winamp always force closes on my phone
  4. Stildawn

    Stildawn Well-Known Member

    I havent changed anything I believe... The only thing I have done is perhaps install more apps etc?

    Hmm ok... What other good free ones are there?
  5. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    Mixzing if the best among free ones, with max features..
    or try cubed, its pretty unique.. :D

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