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  1. Nazeempv

    Nazeempv New Member

    Is it possible to minimize the application and start a new application.
    Although I tried by pressing home button certain applications are not supporting multitasking.
    For example GPS.
    Is it possible to go for a multitasking along with GPS?

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately this is entirely dependent on how the application has been setup to respond to a press of the home button.
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  3. smjawale

    smjawale New Member

    hey i used wisepilot its support malti tasking ......i set path in wisepilot and the run default music player.........its actually tells in between songs to take turn......................... gr8 phone I LOVE XPERIA PRO..............
  4. waleedma

    waleedma New Member


    i would like to know, 2 things.
    1) why se is not focusing on xperia pro. i beleive it needs little upgrade on the memory, screen size and the processor to be named as xperia pro 2, and it will kick the market for a very looooooong time.

    2) does it getting slow if it loaded with apps and lot of contacts?

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  5. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    In regards to the first question, unfortunately I have no information about any future models other than what has been announced at this stage. As for the second question, yes if the phones internal memory starts to near full it will slow down, much like a PC.
  6. ChristianHJW

    ChristianHJW Member

    I ask myself the very same, what a loss of market potential ! I really love my Pro (although i had to send it back today, as it won't start randomly, seems to be a broken bootloader) !!

    The new Xperia S that had been announced heavily, same Xperia P and U are nice with their 1.5 Ghz dual processors, but i where is the Xperia Pro 2 !! Maybe it will be a derivative of the Xperia Play 2 ? My son has a Play, and i must say that it has better speakers and a very good voice quality, better than my Pro, but that's clear as it is also bigger.

    I would actually not mind at all if Play 2 and Pro 2 would come hand in hand, as both will be high performance phones, not aiming for looking nice in ladie's handbags primarily, like the Xperia P does ;-) ....

    Unfortunately yes. I do have 5,000 business contacts on my phone, and although it does manage them much better than my Blackberry Bold 9000, it is definitely slowing down. One more reason to have a Pro 2 asap, although i am using my phone only since October last year, i would immediately invest the money to get the newer version, hopefully including 12 MP camera (although the 8 MP rocks) and a nice dual processor ;-) .....

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