Multitrack recorder on android ?

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  1. Alize

    Alize Active Member

    Is there an app like cubase to record audio and maybe play virtual instruments on android and mix them ?

    If so, could you use a midi usb keyboard plugged in the android phone to play music ?

    But at least an app to record voices and mix them....

    I ' ve heard of "16 bars" but there is no way to mix different tracks together I believe....just overdub...

  2. Alize

    Alize Active Member

    :eek:Nobody knows ?
  3. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for the Cakewalk Sonar or Cubebase of the Android world at least for now you will be disappointed. There are some basic sequencing programs that are good for jotting down ideas on the run but except for that nothing that is really functional. I have also been looking. Some of the current choices are Microjam Sequencer, SequencerPad, Electrum Drum Machine, Uloops Music Composer. Take them for a test drive (you have 24 hours to return the paid apps).I have a basic 1 track recording program called Rehearsal Assistant that I use just for recording musical ideas when I am at the piano or jamming with friends. It gets the job done. There are some great chord reference programs (Guitarists Reference) and a tuner that rivals my $90 freestanding Korg (gStrings). Musical Pro is another fun program with some general midi sounds, metronome, and a few other tools.
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  4. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Well-Known Member

    yeah man,

    no vsts for android....which would be awesome....the best i think android can do (for the guitar player) is play guitar pro files (which is still really cool)

    i also found an app that can control midi but i forgot the name
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  5. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    VST's? I could only imagine Omnisphere for Android :)
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  6. Alize

    Alize Active Member

    Thanks, so no audio multitracks like the 4 tracks apple ?
    to record severals voices via the phone mic and mix them

    I ' ve heard of 16 bars but I where you can overdub severals voices in one tracks but I m wondering if the first voice recorded wil be heard after the 3, 4 other recording are made .?
  7. Alize

    Alize Active Member

    so no equivalent of "4 tracks" iphone please ?
  8. mistahd33

    mistahd33 Member

    uloops is a full sequencing and multitrack program.. it should do what you need.. Its free but it requires you to create an account and have a fairly hefty net connection because it does serverside rendering. Works as a multitrack recorder if you want it to though.. and has basic midi sequencing tools etc to boot.
  9. Adebisi

    Adebisi Well-Known Member

    I would be nice to use the screen as a midi controller via bluetooth to pc. Control midi data with the fingers. Bit like akaos pad
  10. mcfatpants

    mcfatpants New Member

    It's finally here, a multi track recorder in Android. Search the market for "fourtracks", works on my N1.. I've been waiting for this since android's conception, F*** yeah!! not quite as slick as the iphone four tracks, but hey, it works.

    Palm Sounds: A Four Track Recorder for Android

    Thank you!!
  11. elerouxx

    elerouxx New Member

    Thanks, Alize! this thread granted my registration in this great forum for a start. I am a new android user also looking for music apps.

    I just got a xperia mini and I'm loving it. Prior to that I had an old windows mobile that self-destroyed 1 month ago, tired from mistreating.

    The first impressions with the android were: i can't believe how outdated Windows Mobile was.

    The only regret is not having METEOR anymore. It's an incredible multitrack recorder and mixer for Windows Mobile / PPC. I had even bought the app.

    But from this thread, I see there's hope.

    @shrink57: thanks for the app list you posted. Rehearsal assistant is really nice, but you can't find it on the market.

    @mcfatpants: trying that right away!

  12. petesilas

    petesilas New Member

    Hi guys,

    First motivated by my needs, and then after read some of these topics i decided to develop a Multitrack recorder for the Android platform.

    SongMemo - project
    SongMemo is a Free and Living Open Source project.



    Features list

    • Create new song
    • Open existent song
    • Save song as (rename song)
    • Delete Song
    • 4 independent tracks
    • Rename track
    • Set volume
    • Set balance
    • Mute track
    • Make recordable
    • Position bar indicator
    • Move song position while playing
    • Record track while playing
    • Clean track new
    • Create and update song lyrics new
    • Chage app background onSongTitle longPress new
    • Create low-resolution layout new
    • Create hi-resolution layout new

    You can find SongMemo, directly from Android Market or visit the ptoject webpage.

    For more info click here

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  13. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    Looks interesting.
  14. jamoosh

    jamoosh Well-Known Member

    This is great.
    I look forward to seeing how this develops.

  15. CallDon

    CallDon Member

    Alize was also looking for a program that would simply play back a midi file that could be sent through a cable to a midi keyboard and play the file using the external keyboard as the sound source. That's what I'm looking for.

    I had a program/app on my Palm Pilot and a midi cable that did the same thing as the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer for the iPod. That's what I'm looking for for my Evo 3D and Nook Color.
  16. Emoto

    Emoto New Member

    The SongMemo web site above has been suspended. No idea what that means for the uses of his app. I found this thread because I also would like a multi-track recording solution for my Galaxy S4...
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