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  1. Ils_supernova

    Ils_supernova Well-Known Member

    hello folks :D

    I can't fix this problem at all and its bit annoying! I can't get all my music albums to stay together :mad:

    I've tried many different music players but still all albums won't stay together.
    For example I have a artist then some albums are all together but some split up into 5 of the same album. Some with 1 track or more . . . .

    How do I fix all my music?

    Tried iTunes etc . . . .nothing!

    Thanks guys :)

  2. Crafty

    Crafty Well-Known Member


    I'd suspect that the ID3 tags differ in some way - maybe an undisplayable character or a space or something.

    I'd download media monkey to your PC, do a scan to pick up all your music and then I'd select all the tracks in an album and manually re-enter the artist, album artist and album name tags (select the files, then right click -> properties).
  3. Ils_supernova

    Ils_supernova Well-Known Member

    Will try this :D

    Thank you

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