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Music/Audio Player with resume

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  1. sergeyv2002

    sergeyv2002 Member

    Is there any media player (music player) app that would support resume on more than one album/list ?

    Basically I am looking for a functionality similar to an apple iPod. I am listening to music, and audiobooks. All media players (including "mort") that I've seen, either have ridiculously unfriendly interface, or do not support resuming of more than a latest played item. Is there anything that you could recommend?

    This problem is game changer for me: If I can't find a good app I'll have to resort to going back to an iPhone :( .

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Moved to Android Media section to see if we can get you some good replies :)
  3. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    Not sure about about audio books, may need to check out the Kindle app or something. As far as music, I've been sampling both PlayerPro and PowerAmp and both support resume...well, sort of. As soon as headphones are plugged in, the music starts playing again where you left off. However, It's not working on PlayerPro on my phone.
  4. jancat

    jancat Well-Known Member

    My basic stock 'music' app on the tablet seems to work ok as far as resume is concerned.
  5. aquarianx

    aquarianx New Member

    Mortplayer for audiobook does what you want ... and more. Maybe you could give it another try.
  6. narsimha3

    narsimha3 New Member


    I've been searching for a good audio player with resume function, ie resume the audio where it left last time.

    tried astro, poweramp, power, mort and other audio book player, but not no use.

    Googled long time but not happy.

    I've been using MX PLAYER, for videos instead of stock app.


    now I'm playing mp3 audio book files and music with MX PLAYER with resume function.

    Just intall MX PLAYER

    enable background play, resume option with "ask every time",

    and add mp3 or any other required audio formats to extensions list in settings.


    comment if its not working.

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