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  1. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    So I finally switched to a 64 GB microSD from San Disk and my music disappeared. I noticed whenever I copied information on one SD card to another winamp would have more and more issues with finding music. It's still taking up space on the card, it's just not finding it. It also seems odd that this happens but no other media is affected as I can still see all my pictures and videos.

  2. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the Google music app? I have my music stored on the external SD card and it sees it fine.
  3. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Strange issue, but I've seen some people mention it in other sub-forums. I have no issues using PowerAmp (still the best player on the market IMO).
  4. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    I figured it out, I didn't format my card after inserting it to the phone but before transferring files. I reformatted and reloaded everything and its all back. Kinda weird but it worked.
  5. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    Have you tried winamp pro? If so what makes you say PowerAmp is better than that? I like that I can wifi sync though winamp as it's the same music program I use on my laptop. It also has a equalizer like PowerAmp.
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Never really needed to try the Pro version. I tried the free version, prior to testing PowerAmp. At that time, I liked the interface, widgets, and other functions of PowerAmp way better than Winamp (In the early stages, Winamp only had 1 widget that was pretty ugly and it didn't have the equalizer).

    My main reason for sticking with PowerAmp was due to the equalizer (which, like I mentioned, wasn't available on Winamp before). It helps when playing my music in the car because it allows me to lower the gain of the music player, while still being able to keep the media volume up 100% (this way, navigation sound doesn't get drowned out...since, for whatever reason, navigation sound on the Photon doesn't stop the player from playing music). Overall, the look and feel of Poweramp just always felt better for my needs...and the widgets and downloadable skins are pretty awesome too.

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