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  1. GregsTheMan

    GregsTheMan New Member

    I have no idea what to do. To add music to my moment i usually take out the sd card put it in the adapter and and drag music into the music folder from my laptop once the sd card in in plugged in. The last time i did this, i put the sd card back into my phone after just adding music to it and my music library was empty. i plugged the sd card back into the computer and the music folder is missing. i tryed to add all the songs back into the phone but the computer tells me the sd card is too full. Ive checked the entire sd card to make sure i didnt just accidentally drag and drop the music folder somewhere else but theres been no luck. any suggestions?

  2. rjdhill

    rjdhill Member

    hey i have a similar problem . music is there but phone doesnt see the songs . and custom ringers arent working either. happened after i intstalled TIX 1.3.

    even when i try to install new songs on sd they dont show up. went back to 1.8.22 and nothing . been looking for different ways to fix this problem. cause i now have to keep the phone on vibe and constantly missing calls and txt
  3. Ricketish

    Ricketish Member

    anyone came up with a solution?

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