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Music not showing up in music appsSupport

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  1. johnboy2410

    johnboy2410 Member

    Hey, i have a 4gb card in my ace, its got about 1gb space left and already has plenty music on it that shows up fine in the music app. problem is when i transfer any new music to the card, it doesnt show up in music. if you go into my files, it is there and will play, but this is annoying as it wont play an album through, just one song at a time.

    ive tried transferring the music through kies, by drag an drop through windows explorer, ive even downloaded winamp and real player, they obviously just mirror what is showing up in music. ive transferred music via the real player program on windows and still not showing up. ive also unmounted the memory car, remounted it. turned it off an on again and i still get the same result. the music files are on the phone, you can see they are there any way you choose to see them, they just dont appear in the music apps! soooo frustrating.

    oh and ive got the latest 2.3 firmware update on the phone, the memory card isnt corrupt...please help! i need new music to listen too!

  2. jdgreat4

    jdgreat4 Well-Known Member

    Try placing all your music in one common folder and check if it is able to read the files.

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  3. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

  4. johnboy2410

    johnboy2410 Member

    Had a look at that, in particular the naming of folders on where to store music on the mem card, media/audio/music. Placed 1 Song there and it still doesn't show up in the music app. Just to test it, I moved 1 song from which already whows up in music to the new folder loaction and in music it still lists the song, but doesn't play. Ime its looking for it ib its original location. Inbetween all these moves I've unmounted and remounted the card but nothing.

    I've come to the conclusion the music app isn't doing a rescan of the memory card to see if there is any new music, so my question is how do you make it do this? I was under the impression it does this everytime you trun the phone on, I.e it comes up in the notification bar, media scanning running?
  5. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    This is just some weird thought, but since the music player is stored on the phone itself, could it be that the phone's internal storage might have to do with it? From what you're saying, I understand that you have quite a bit of music showing in the music player. Although the music itself is stored on the sd-card, somehow the music player has to process all that info. Might be a stupid suggestion, but do you have enough of internal phone storage left??
  6. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    It seems the system is not able to scan the new media files.
    Have you tried rebooting??...it usually does a media scan on sd card on boot...just a thought.
  7. johnboy2410

    johnboy2410 Member

    well its an odd one, but reebooting, remounting the card ect doesnt work. in usb mode too, when connecting it to the laptop and trying to discover it in winamp, it doesnt find it.

    however, i had a little spare time yesterday and tried a few different thing. 1st of all, i put in an unused 2gb memory card and lo an behold, it worked. winamp would even discover it. so i thought great, its the memory card thats the problem. ive got a spare 4gb card which is the size i always have in, so put that in. now, i can transfer music across via drag an drop and music app will discover it, but strangely it wont discover in winamp still. but the long and short of it is that the memory card is probably on its way out. still does everything fine, not corrupted, has been scanned for virus and nothing, but for some reason, the music app doesnt like it.
  8. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    did you try formatting the memory card? looks like a file system issue in the memory card.. make sure you format it from the phone itself..

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