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Music notifier testing is needed

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  1. melamoud

    melamoud Member


    I'm developing an app to keep you notified when a new music from your favorite artists is released, automatically !! or when you get a new song from a new artist it will help you discover what other music he released.

    I would love people to test it, and send me feedback, the version here is limited to 10 artists
    get the apk from: http://melamoud.hopto.org/MusicNotifier/MusicNotifier-free.apk


  2. batesapps

    batesapps Member

    It does not appear to find any of my music. Where does it need to be?

    Nice art work BTW. Iam terrible at that part.
  3. melamoud

    melamoud Member

    thanks (I'm bad at it as well)
    you have to configure the folders where your mp3 files are -
    see help from the menu it suppose to have all the details, also from the menu you have a step by step "deployment" to do list

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