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  1. billschillin

    billschillin New Member

    HI, I have a 7" Android Icecream Sandwich tablet. I wanted to know if there is a widget for any music player that has the option of VERY large text for the track info and I really have no need for the artwork in the widget. I just want to be able to, at a glance, see clearly what the "Now Playing" title and artist is as well as having the standard controls ( play, pause, advance, previous, etc )

    Anyone know of any??
    I have already installed and deleted 4 or 5 from amongst the favorites at the google store.

    Thank you

  2. billschillin

    billschillin New Member

    Although there are no replies to my request, I thought I would re-visit just to let anyone looking that I found one. It is Car Music Player by Minster Media on Google Play. It has very large easy to see controls and text plenty large enough to read . See screen shot below. On my 7" tablet this is really easy to see.

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