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music player help!

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  1. staycaptivejake

    staycaptivejake Active Member

    Just got a new tablet(some off brand from gamestop). The music player I used was poweramp and I friggen love it but it says its not compatible with my tablet. So I come to you guys in need of assistance. I want a music player that has a built in equalizer, able to find or edit album art, also able to edit the music tags(ie song name,artist, etc). I'm willing to pay a little if its really worth it. Anyone know why poweramp wouldn't work. The tablet has ice cream sandwhich on it. Thanks everyone!

  2. LS1BadBird

    LS1BadBird Well-Known Member

    Are you saying you can't even download it? Have you tried sideloading it?
  3. Rwhittaker13

    Rwhittaker13 Member

    Id say to use rocket player. (Can easily be searched and downloaded on the market) Rocket player offers advanced features such as a 10-Band Equalizer, clean and fast interface, repeat, shuffle, headset connection settings, replay gain(Prevents songs from unnormalized loud or soft sounds, (Your ears wont start bleeding on some songs that have a higher replay gain value :p ) and a "prevent distortion" option that keeps the audio played through your device, or headset clear and distortion free at any volume. If you download just the free version of rocket player, you will only have the option to use a 5-Band Equalizer, which isnt bad, but a 10-Band equalizer is much better by comparison. You can get the paid version by searching "Rocket Player Unlocker" on the market, for around .99 cents i believe, or it could be more now, but it isnt too much money though.
  4. AF87

    AF87 Member

    google music could be the right player for you

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