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Support Music Player Issues after update

  1. Andian5speed

    Andian5speed New Member

    Alright, so I've got my ASUS eee Pad here, and it has a little [but hugely annoying] problem. It recently updated to ICS and since then, has had all kinds of crazy problems with the stock music player. [I know, I'm lame for using it, but that's how I am :p] Immediately after the update, I noticed that my "thumbs up" playlist is gone. I said well, okay I guess, and tried to make a dummy list with songs that I gave a thumbs up. There was no playlist created. So I made a new playlist and began to add songs, and it was all fine and dandy for the rest of the day. The NEXT DAY, however, the playlist was empty. I noticed that when I turn the screen back on at times, it goes through the whole SD card discovery thing. [all my music is on the sd card]

    It updated again yesterday. The thumbs up playlist thing is back, so I quickly went through and added about 500 of my favorites to the automatic list. Today, I saw that all of my favorited songs were no longer there, and the playlist was empty again! All of the artist playlists are still there. I have no clue what's going on it with and its driving me crazy :( It also restarts on occasion and freezes before it can boot up. Oh, and I did a factory reset on it and tried re creating the lists after and still had this issue.

    any ideas?

  2. catchemall447

    catchemall447 Member

    I had a similar problem. everything I down loaded went to my cloud storage. when I tried to put them in my library, windows media, they were not there. MYCLOUD IS JUNK>

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