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  1. dontshakepandas

    dontshakepandas Well-Known Member

    I'm having problems getting the phone to recognize all of my music. I have a little over 17gb of music and want to have all of it on the phone. I have purchased a 16gb micro sd card, so that combined with the 16gb of internal space should be plenty (even though neither actually has 16gb of free space). I am easily able to put all of the music on the cards, but when I try to open the music player and sort by artist it says that there is not enough space in the music database and shuts down.

    Any idea how I can get all of my music to work on this bad boy?

  2. tysj

    tysj Well-Known Member

    I think there's a glitch with the system. I looked up the problem and other Galaxy S users were getting the same problem no matter how much they had. I'm getting the same issue as well. The other tabs work fine, though. I hope there's a fix soon.
  3. dontshakepandas

    dontshakepandas Well-Known Member

    I would even be ok with it if I could play all of my files with another music player. I tried doubletwist, and it only shows music from one sd cards.
  4. dontshakepandas

    dontshakepandas Well-Known Member

    I was a bit worried that since I was having problems in both doubletwist and the samsung music player that it was a problem with the phone. However, I tried tunewiki and it is working great. I like the way the samsung player looks better, but unfortunately it is all show and no go.

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