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  1. cliver

    cliver Member

    Hi guys, I'm waiting for my SGN to arrive with great anticipation.
    One of it's main jobs is going to be playing some of my music when on the move, either in car or on foot.
    My desires on this front are:-

    1. I want to import playlists created on my windows PC into the SGN and get the player to recognise and play them. My windows player app (MusicBee) can sync files from a playlist in MusicBee to my SD card and also copy the playlist itself and adjust the path as necessary at the same time.

    2. I like to brows my music by album art. A throwback to my vinyl days I'm afraid but I find it quite nostalgic ;).

    Does the stock player support this?
    If not does anyone recommend an app that does (paid or free).


  2. sulasno

    sulasno Well-Known Member

    you could try to sync the PC to the Note
  3. cliver

    cliver Member

    Thanks sulasno,
    Any idea where I would sync the playlists to on the note?
  4. sulasno

    sulasno Well-Known Member

    frankly I don't know where to put the playlists;

    I read the you can also use Windows Media Player 11 to sync;

    I got a suggestion though; sync the files to the Note first; and then create a sample playlist and see the location of the file; copy your playlists to the location and hopefully it works

    and if it doesn't work I would try to edit the playlists
  5. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    1. i haven't tried putting my music folder to an extrnal sd card but on the internal sd card where i put the music with this m3u playlist, i appears on the quick list of the stock player. i guess it will also if you put it on the external sd card. i did not sync, i just copied the folder from my laptop to the internal sd card/music.

    2. album art browsing is also supported.

    so, yes to your 2 questions. the gnote supports them.
  6. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    You'll likely want to get PowerAMP for your Note when it arrives, best music player for Android.
  7. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    i have purchased poweramp but i still prefer the stock player especially now that it supports lyrics display.
  8. xmjroll

    xmjroll New Member

    I'm having the same problem. I just upgraded my S2 to an s4 but it behaves differently in musicbee. I used to be able to sync to the sd card without any issues but I can't seem to copy over my playlists. I've also had to manually move all my files to the sd card after I loaded them through musicbee. This is very time consuming and not as convenient as my old phone. Is there a way around this? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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