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  1. Mic9kxD

    Mic9kxD New Member

    Recently I got the Kyocera Rise, and I love it. Anyway I took my sd card out of my HTC Wildfire s, and put it into the new phone. I have the same media player on the new phone as i did on the old. I don't like the media players on either phones so i get one from the playstore, anyway I had a playlist i had made with the other phone, and it didnt show up on the new one. Which it should have, cuz it transferred from my vortex to my wildfire, so i figure it should be on the new phone. is there a way i can locate it so i dont have to make a new one. so any help would be appreciated, because i have allot of music and i dont want to remake my playlists

  2. colobuckeye

    colobuckeye Active Member

    I just use spotify

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