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  1. smartphone45

    smartphone45 Well-Known Member

    hi everyone,

    well had the warp for about 24 hours and so far the music player came on randomly at least twice..even when the phone was on standby...can I possibly clear the playlist so their isnt a song already loaded ready to play?

    Also, after I unplug the charger from the warp it says fully charged however the battery indicator shows its depleted at least 10 percent...I figured I paid 129.00 dollars plus tax on the i guess I could put up with the bugs and issues the phone has..

    anyway if I could get some feedback on these two issues it would be greatly appreciated....


  2. bastian0528

    bastian0528 Member

    Music player on my warp starts playing through the speaker when I remove the earphones after watching videos. I have to force close the app to keep it from starting up again at random.
  3. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun Well-Known Member

    I've had this happen to me as well, the music would just start playing as soon as i put headphones on. Also it happened when i finished listening to the last song it stopped and i removed the headphones and 5 minutes later it starts playing again its really irritating

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