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Music player skipping... cause?Support

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  1. cane2477

    cane2477 Member

    That brings me back to my fix..the headset jack must be seated firmly into the phones jack. If you pull up on it even a little bit, bam, then it thinks you have a mic plugged in. If the rubber base of the headphone cord does not seat firmly against the phones female jack due to a phone case, trim the rubber back and you should be good to go. Sucks that its so freaking sensitive. I dont' think a software fix will cure it, its most likely in the hardware. :(

  2. Quackamagooska

    Quackamagooska New Member

    So happy to see I'm not the only one. I just used the player for the first time today and it was happening. I just want a setting that does NOT allow playback control when device is locked. This makes too much sense.

    Glad to see I am not the only one. My headphones seemed to be connected all the way down to the player.

    This really stinks because I was going to use my Incredible to run today with the music player and Cardiotrainer. Now I'll probably just have to run without music (because I, foolishly, didn't bring my ipod as backup.)

    Are there other music apps that will play and stay locked?
  3. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    I don't think it will matter with the music player. Once the phone thinks you have a headset/mic plugged in it will automatically kick in the voice dialer and take priority over whatever you are currently running.
  4. Frogybloop

    Frogybloop New Member

    Its starting to seem as if maybe most phones might have this defect in the headphone jack. For this reason I implore everyone to call into verizon (*611), and tell them about the issue. They'll connect you to a tech and you can explain to them what is happening. The more people that do it the more they will know that its widespread and not just sporadic, and it might get taken care of it later manufacturing runs of the phone.
  5. SopieMunky

    SopieMunky Member

    Some very good troubleshooting goin on in here! I started to read this thread and thought maybe it was an unrelated issue, but then was directed here from a thread I redundantly created. Now I'm positive I'm in the right place.

    I can confirm for sure that the voice dialer does not "call a random person", however. It's definitely calling the last contact you had any phone interaction with.

    While that piece of information might not be as useful to solve the issue, I'm sure some of you would be more comfortable knowing exactly what behavior the phone is performing. I called a poor friend of mine like 5 times trying to get my Rhapsody player to work while I was in my car.

    I have not yet tested the whole "rubber trimming" theory yet, but I feel confident that will be the temporary solution. I also agree that this might be more of a hardware problem as far as phone recognition goes, but I still feel like a software update can fix this.

    Perhaps an update that will prompt you to "automatically launch voice dialer when headset w/mic is attached". Or a "randomly skip through your saved music via HTC Music Player so that you get frustrated" function would be nice to be able to control. :p

    I'll probably end up calling Verizon as well. I work for ATT, so if Verizon is in any shape or form the same with technical issues, Frogy is spot on about calling your provider.

    There is a threshold that has to be met before Verizon can officially label it as a "known issue" and until we all flood them with concerns, they will keep saying, "This seems to be a unique issue with just your phone, but it will be noted..."

    I'm going to go try the rubber trim now and will report back with my results. Until then, keep up the good troubleshooting suggestions!
  6. lches

    lches New Member

    Having the exact same problem, and actually came here to the forum looking for an answer for this specific issue. I don't have a case on it, so the plug is always firmly in place. Strangely, I have had no problems using a tape adapter plug in my car, but whenever I've tried using it in my wife's car with an aux plug, it does all the weird skipping/unresponsive/voice dial thing. Since it was just with a certain cord and in a certain car, I was wondering if maybe it could be getting feedback or something which is making it go haywire?

    Either way, I'd love to disable the voice dialer to see if that makes any difference, but haven't figured out how to do that. Any ideas?
  7. SopieMunky

    SopieMunky Member

    Confirming that the whole rubber trimming method does, in fact, work for now. Went in my car and plugged it in, loaded up Rhapsody and shook my phone around a bit to see if the dreaded headset with mic icon would show up.

    Thankfully it's up and running correctly for now.

    Hopefully there will be an alternative fix to this later on as I won't always have this exact same cable handy if I'm in someone else's car or just happen to want to use a random pair of headphones.
  8. smas49

    smas49 Member

    I think the aux cable is the problem too. I use my phone at work with speakers and have the same problems of skipping, voice dialer and dialing last number called. It happens when I move the phone the slightest. I work in an office in a manufacturing plant with a lot of exterior noise. After reading the other posts I tried two different sets of headphones here at home and absolutely no problems at all. I could not duplicate the problem at all. I will be calling Verizon to report this problem.
  9. wakela

    wakela Member

    For the record I have the same thing going on with my HTC MyTouch, which does not have a dedicated headphone jack, only a mini-USB port. You need to use an adapter. I lost the headphones the phone came with and bought a regular pair of $10 headphones and a USB->headphone adapter, and the playback went bonkers. I noticed that the headphone icon was going on and off irregularly and this seemed to correspond with the player skipping. So it looks like a lose connection. There is no rubber for me to trim away, but I am using accessories that were not necessarily designed for the phone. Playback is fine with my bluetooth car speaker or the phones speaker.
  10. nick99wj

    nick99wj Well-Known Member

    i had this problem using my iphone headphones (Jobs probly had them load some virus on my phone since it wasnt and apple product haha)

    but i bought some $20 Sony earbuds so i can wear them with my full face shoei helmet to listen to Nav and Music....they work perfectly*knock on wood*.

    it seems like this phone is just real picky with the design on the male 3.5mm jack, just my 2 cents
  11. nick99wj

    nick99wj Well-Known Member

    for some reason i can't edit....IE5 at work is probly the reason

    but anyway.....they were 5yr+ old IPOD headphones, not IPHONE with the mic
  12. IveFancySSN

    IveFancySSN Member

    Any solution to this problem yet??
  13. mallinj

    mallinj Well-Known Member

    Nope, unfortunately.

    My music does not skip with wired headphones or internal speaker. When I stream by bluetooth, it invariably skips. It's my only legitimate complaint (actually, my only complaint at all) about the Incredible.
  14. chespirito

    chespirito New Member

    Same issue. This doesn't happen on the Motorola Droid so it seems unreasonable that it's happening on the HTC Droid. This problem is annoying to the point of me contemplating ditching the phone. I haven't tried a new cable but honestly that doesn't seem like a satisfactory solution. I want to be able to use any cable me or my friends have laying around and not, 'alright jim, bring me all your 1/8 inch audio cables, one of these bastards might work'. Should just work with any cable.
  15. zenphan

    zenphan Member

    I have the same exact issue using the Incredible with Sennheiser HD 497 headphones. I can confirm as well that when I move around the headphone plug in the incredible jack it causes songs to skip and voice dialer to come on. The incredible shows the heaphones with microphone symbol, but mine are just headphones...no mic.
  16. ocpa24

    ocpa24 Member

    I've owned the Incredible for about two weeks now and today was the first time I tried listening to Pandora with wired headphones (works flawlessly when using the internal speaker). Sure enough, I am having the same problem that everyone here is describing, the headset icon in the notification bar toggles between headset and headset w. mic. and also randomly opens voice dialer but didn't call anyone as far as I could tell. I was running with the phone so there was definitely movement. This is Pretty much my ONLY complaint about this phone but I'd say it's a pretty big one. Hopefully they release some kind of bug fix as the phone was too expensive to not use it as it was intended. :mad: Oh yeah, I was using apple Ipod headphones and they fit flush to the jack, no gaps.
  17. mhtrang

    mhtrang Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this problem. It must be a connection issue, as I had no problems when using my bluetooth stereo headset to listen to music. Only when I plugged in a pair of headphones did this problem persist. Even then, it only happened when I put my phone in my pocket and moved around; if I was holding my phone while listening to music, it worked like a charm. I was also using a pair of old iPod headphones. Might need to invest in another pair of headphones.
  18. I'm having this issue as well..

    I have my Incredible attached to a charger in my car, as well as stereo jack outputting to the AUX input on my car. I try to play some music from my SD card and every so often the Voice Dialer comes up, searches and calls the last contact I interracted with ! And sometimes, if that doesn't happen, the music will skip around between songs in the current folder.

    There is some kind of conflict that I think it thinks its attached to a headset or something. but this is pretty damn annoying because I want to play music in my car that is on my droid, but I keep accidentally calling people... It's really F'ing annoying !
  19. Sykoi

    Sykoi New Member

    I'm glad I found this thread, I've had the same problem since the day I got my incredible and posted about it on Howardforums, no one seemed to know anything about it, so I thought I was going crazy.
    Anyways, I just tested this again with my Sennheiser HD202's, and I seem to have figured out something that I don't think was mentioned... It's not moving the phone around that does this, it's the fact that the base of the cord (Where the cord meets the plug that goes into the phone) is moving around. It would be great if a few people could confirm this - plug in your headphones, do whatever you do to make the headset icon appear (For me, it only appears when the plug is rotated about 30 degrees or more while plugged in fully), then play with the base of the cord.
    From what I've seen, certain movements always cause certain actions - I can even trigger the voice dialer appearing with a certain degree of accuracy. It also seems like this only happens when the headset icon appears (Even if it isn't on before or after an issue happens, it pops on for a second, at least for me, when the issue comes up). So a fix for this will hopefully just be an option to completely disable headsets via the 3.5mm port. Sadly the rubber trimming fix isn't an option for me, so hopefully HTC releases a fix ASAP.
  20. incredibad

    incredibad Member

    Had some old buds from my zune that initially had the issue but started to work fine about 2 weeks. I've had my Inc since launch day.
    Switched over to Sennheiser IE8s 3 days ago and will get the skipping/voice call if I touch the jack. Looking to get vmoda vibe 2s next to try out since it has a mic so might work better? who knows?
  21. redemmie

    redemmie New Member

    I've had the same trouble with a patch cord in my car. if the cord is jostled the music will skip and voice dialer will come up.
  22. Sykoi

    Sykoi New Member

    Has anyone found a solution to this, or heard anything from Verizon or HTC?
  23. AaronBBrown

    AaronBBrown Well-Known Member

    Called HTC and Verizon. They are sending me a new phone (in about 2 weeks, when they have them in stock). Hopefully it solves the issue.
  24. AGWednesday

    AGWednesday Well-Known Member

    Had the same problem.

    It was the GPS. As the car was moving, the GPS was updating, causing the phone to skip. Turning off the GPS fixed the music problem.
  25. AaronBBrown

    AaronBBrown Well-Known Member

    I installed "Headset Blocker" from the Market and it seems to have resolved my issue (at least on my way in this morning). Verizon is sending me a new phone to try, but if it has the same problem, at least I know there is a viable, though annoying, option out there.

    The very fact that this (and other) apps exist is proof positive to me that this issue is very real and is either a software or hardware bug that HTC needs to address.
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