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  1. Wolverine101

    Wolverine101 New Member

    Hello all,

    I having issues with my Samsung Stratosphere. This started just in the last couple of days and I have had the phone for just over a month.

    When I use the music player the music skips, for a fraction of a second but is still very noticeable. Very irritating. This is the case with the standard music player as well as Double twist. The music skips through the phones speaker and the aux cable.

    Music however does not skip through YouTube or any other internet browser. I have not heard the ring tone skip yet.

    I restarted the phone and it played through one song without skipping.

    I have all of the music on a 32gb memory card, about 16gb of music.


    Hardware: I405.05
    Model: SC-I405
    Firmware: 2.3.5

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard. I've moved your thread over to its area of discussion for assistance with this issue. &#12484;

    I would suggest clearing data from the application.
  3. Wolverine101

    Wolverine101 New Member

    Thank you. :)

    How do I clear the data from the application... ?
  4. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Go into Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, and then the appropriate Music Player you are using (might have to select ALL along the top), then select the app and there is "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" buttons.

    I have a 16GB card in mine with about 8GB of music and have no issues using WinAmp or the stock music player... have you tried rebooting then let it sit for a minute without opening any apps, then just open the music player, does it still skip?
  5. Wolverine101

    Wolverine101 New Member

    Yes, it skips regardless and all music (even music that didn't skip before).

    I swapped memory cards and the skipping still occurs. So I do not believe it is the SD card. I am tempted to hard reset the phone and go from there.
  6. theterminizer

    theterminizer New Member

    Next time it happens, hit the side button so the screen turns on. Do you see that satellite icon at the top? I get a skip at least once per album and whenever I unlock the screen, that icon is there. I'm convinced it's something to do with the location service for the Maps app. It happens on any music player I use and it drives me crazy.
  7. ericpellegrino

    ericpellegrino New Member

    Turn off the music fx program on the galaxy tab 2 or whatever equalizer is running on your phone or tab. I have a galaxy tab 2 10.1 and disabling the music fx app solved the problem. :)
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