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  1. _kwyjibo_

    _kwyjibo_ Member


    Are there any music player apps for Android that work well for those that tend to listen to albums in their entirety, rather than individual tracks from artists? I've looked at several and none seem to do what I'd like.

    Some of the main things I would like are:
    - to see a list of recently added albums, or the last 'x' number of albums added. What I've seen so far is the app(s) will list all of the tracks from each album, so if I've added 10 albums I will see a listing of ~100 tracks but I would like to just see a list of those 10 albums.
    - to randomly play an album. It would randomly select an album and play it from start to finish, and then randomly start another album.
    - Quickly/easily specify a range of albums. For example, if I'd like to see all of the albums I have from the 90's.

    Does such an app exist? I was hoping since switching from Apple that something in the Android world would meet my needs.


  2. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    Have you tried n7player music player? I know the name is redundant. I'll go snap a pic in case you haven't
  3. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    Okay I have some pics for you. You will notice that instead of a list, you have album covers, then I show you how if you double tap an album it brings it up and you have the choice to either listen to it or add it to the playlist & finally I'm just showing you how they keep all the albums of an artist together. It has an equalizer & nice settings also.


  4. _kwyjibo_

    _kwyjibo_ Member

    Thanks for the replies. It looks like a neat music player but it doesn't look like it'll do what I would like. I will give it a try though.

    I'm really surprised there isn't a player that fits my listening style, as I'm sure I'm not the only person like this. Apple/iPod really disappointed me in this regards as well and was hoping that something would exist in the Android world.
  5. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    I guess I must not be understanding what you are wanting. I thought it was an app where you could choose to play albums instead of shuffling the song list. This app allows that or you can make your own playlists. I think it just ends up boiling down to personal preference. I am a music junkie & I have tried so many different music apps, free & paid for. Lol too bad Google doesn't let us recycle those apps we have paid for & know we will never use again.

  6. _kwyjibo_

    _kwyjibo_ Member

    Yeah, I probably didn't explain it all that well. I'm the type of person that listens to an entire album, rather than just singles, and I also have a large music collection. I'd like to see several features in regards to how the player handles albums, but primarily I'd something that handles recently added albums well.

    Everything I've seen so far that displays recently added content will show all of the tracks. So, for example, if I've added 10 albums to my library it's going to display all ~100 tracks for those albums. What I want to see is just the 10 albums and if I want to see the tracks I will specify which album I want.
  7. joggy

    joggy Well-Known Member

    Poweramp will do what you want with Albums.

    When in Library->Albums->menu->List Options->By date added.
  8. _kwyjibo_

    _kwyjibo_ Member

    Thanks. I just gave Poweramp a try. It's a nice player but appears it's sorting/filtering isn't working properly. When listing "by date added" it displays oldest to newest, and the sorting seems fine. But if I tell it to reverse the order, so newest will be shown first, it seems to get confused. It displays a few of my newly added albums at the top but then the rest of the list is a mess. It will show some older titles, then newer titles, then older titles. I can't seem to figure out any pattern or reason. I'll poke around the settings and see if I can figure something out. Does the app see frequent updates? If it's just a bug perhaps it will get resolved in the next release.

    ALso, thanks myshkin for the n7player recommendation. It's a pretty slick player. It doesn't do what I want but it's a nice player.
  9. joggy

    joggy Well-Known Member

    He hasn't updated Poweramp in a while, but it wouldn't hurt to shoot him a message to let him know about the wonky sorting. He might fix it or suggest something to suit your needs.
  10. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

    You might want to give Google Play Music (by Google) a try. I'm mostly listening to albums myself and this music app sorts and adds (recent also) albums nicely.
  11. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Could be that the MP3 ID3 tag track numbers are not tagged? That can cause some players to play album tracks in alphabetical order or some other arbitrary manner, rather than the order that the artist intended. Might be OK with mixed various artist albums, not so OK with something like Dark Side Of The Moon.

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