Music player that plays folders?

  1. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    Is there a music player out there that will play selected folders only?
    I segregate my music into folders (i.e. "rock", "electronic", "wuss rock", etc) and I am trying to find a music player that will play the selected folder only.

  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    You want Meridian Player Noble. Just make sure you do NOT install Meridian Player Classic.

    Great player for videos as well. :)
  3. MicroNix

    MicroNix Well-Known Member

    Why not just create m3u playlist files for each folder and include those in the folders? Then almost any player will allow you to choose. There should be an abundance of utilities out there to do this.
  4. 1979w72

    1979w72 Member

    I've been using MixZing for a while now precisely because it has an option to "treat songs with different artists in the same folder as the same album".
  5. Hi,

    Today I released on the market an application that you should like :D

    music folder player

    This is not another music player. It actualy improves the basic player.
    I mean you can browse files and folders, create a playlist, start to play and control it from the basic player, the desktop widget or the locked screen.

    It's made for Hero (and compatible HTC Sense), tested on Dream, Magik and Droid.
    I hope you will like !

    You are welcome on my new blog :
    music folder player for android

    See you ;)
  6. esocid

    esocid Well-Known Member

    Check out Mortplayer Music. It organizes what's playing by folder. Whether it'll display just the "rock" folder, I don't know, but I told it where to look and it grabbed my music. There's the normal play/plause previoustrack/nexttrack and the previousfolder/nextfolder buttons.
  7. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Installed. I'll let you know what I think. :)
  8. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    I tried mort, but it would FC every ten min. I liked i a lot.
  9. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    I tried it but it has some bugs. When selecting a folder and then clicking the second to last button on the bottom, i get a "the application music folder player (process cybernicko.musicfolderplayer) has stopped unexpect..
  10. Hello,
    Yes I still have some problems with android 2.
    I make new releases almost every day to correct bugs. I think the android 2 compatibility will be fine this week.
    I'll let you know :)
    Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Hello all,

    I'm glad to tell you that bugs on android 2 are fixed :D
    So you can use music folder player with your droid or nexus...

    See you !

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