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  1. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Here's one that is going to confuse you all.

    My Milestone has taken to playing music by itself at random.

    It's not an alarm.

    It's not the music player being started either!

    At 0832 one day, music started blasting out while it was in the dock.

    Another time, it began when I removed headphones after watching a video (and returning to the homescreen).

    Once it has started when I disconnected a Bluetooth car kit.

    I can adjust the volume but nothing else! I have to open the music player, and then it shows the music as paused - but it's still playing. To stop it, I must press play, then stop/pause again.

    And then it stops.

    It's happening maybe once every day or two, and is incredibly annoying. I just can't figure out what might be causing it.

    It MUST be an app that I've got running or have installed, but which one?

    Has ANYONE else had a similar problem, perhaps that they thought was just a one off glitch?

  2. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Aha! I thought i was taking crazy pills! I first noticed it once when i stopped music playing in grooveshark, but didnt exit the program, and then pulled out the headphone jack.

    I'm convinced it's a bug with the media server itself, and not an actual app given the range of audio/visual instances it's happened with.

    As for a solution, i don't have one! But i do know that it tends to happen when the phone is disconnected from something (head phones, hifi, bluetooth etc) and I haven't fully exited whatever was playing music. I've managed to avoid it happening by just making sure to do so. It's a pain, but no other ideas at the moment!
  3. AK47

    AK47 Member

    Try using meridian player as your main player. Ever since i started using that, it has yet to happen.
  4. Ricoalex

    Ricoalex Member

    lol nice to see im not alone on this one. It started happening as soon as I updated mine to the 2.1 fw
  5. asummerf

    asummerf Member

    I am having the same thing happen to me, since I copied up some music to the system.

  6. ColHavoc

    ColHavoc Well-Known Member

    YEah, it's a known issue with 2.2, apparently even some N1's are having this happen to them too. One supposed way to fix this is to root your phone and delete the default music player. Just what I have heard, haven't rooted mine to try it yet.
  7. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    I have turned Bluetooth off now, which means I can't use my car kit, but the problem hasn't happened again since. Not used the headphones that many times though, which is the other way it would do it.

    On the plus side, the audio doesn't stutter now when you went in/out of signal (or perhaps changed from 2G to 3G/HSDPA). That was equally annoying, although somewhat less embarrassing given that only you heard it as against everyone you are near with the new bug!
  8. asummerf

    asummerf Member

  9. iamdroid

    iamdroid New Member

    lol. I have the same problem.
  10. djcr33p

    djcr33p Member

    I got the same problem since installing 2.1 on my milestone. Whether using meridian or stock player my phone just starts bangin out nosebleed drum n bass and I can't stop it! Help! EZ
  11. RedMist

    RedMist Well-Known Member

    I had this when I had my Nexus, before 2.1

    The creepy thing was it kept playing this podcast from beyond the grave...

    Radio Spiritworld (Inter-dimensional)

    It happened about 10 times before I just deleted the .mp3 as it was freaking me out! :)
  12. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Mine was blasting out Chase & Status at full blast! Maybe I should start listening to something else; something a bit more reserved and quiet.
  13. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    Add me to the list happened once since update, 2 days ago. Played a song in my phone.
  14. iamdroid

    iamdroid New Member

    open android music player, and stop it to play music
  15. asummerf

    asummerf Member

    I did post this the other day...

    It seems that this problem is the same as the one causing alarms to not trigger.

    I have applied the following workaround, and no more music blaring out.

    [Release] Alarms - scheduled CPU wake-up fixed

    Good luck...
  16. leobg

    leobg Member

    I have a TELUS Milestone and the bug is here too. I've got song playing on itself on several ocasions already. As far as I understand the Alarms bug-fix is to install Telus Kernel (which I already run).
  17. julzzzz

    julzzzz New Member

    I installed autostarts on my rooted milestone and disabled music app from "media button pressed". so far so good :D
  18. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    I have the locked Milestone from Telus and the music thing comes almost every time I disconect from a bluetooth device, so most times when I leave my truck I get a tune, what can I do to stop it besides remove music as i have my ringtones on SD card.
  19. PlaneGuy

    PlaneGuy Member

    The one that works for me is to go into Manage Applications and doing a Clear Data on Music when I'm done. If there's no record of the last thing it played, it can't randomly restart it.
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  20. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    Manage apllications is only for apps you installed default apps don't appear?
  21. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    never mind dumb me forgot to set filter to all!
  22. maxytoby

    maxytoby New Member

    Hi, anyone experience when talking on the phone one of my songs came on, lucky that the other side did not hear that! so embarrassing!!! Could it be my ear launched the music icon on my screen? Thought is should have auto screen lock like the iphone? anyone can clarify?
  23. kymip1378

    kymip1378 New Member

    My phone did this around midnight last night as I was going to sleep, strange thing is; the song that plays isn't even a song that is set to play on my media player thing. Yes the song that plays is in my song list but I'd have to look for it if I wanted to play it. It happened again about an hour later & woke my husband & I up & then just happened now & my daughters looked at me wondering who was calling, I told them no one, that the phone just started doing that last night & IDK why & it won't turn off by hitting the 'end call' button.

    I HAVE noticed that I get this icon with an "f" for facebook and a very small envelope next to that "f" & it says usually 11 messages from facebook..... funny thing is, yesterday my facebook app stopped working on my phone yesterday too. Saying 'An error has occurred while fetching data. [null] Wonder if these things are connected in any way.
  24. Princessy

    Princessy New Member

    I got the same problem with music blasting off itself when I unplug the earpiece.
    but recently I figure out if you don't put music in your player playlist it wont happen. You can try downloading 'mixzing' player as an alternative .
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  25. mixpix

    mixpix Well-Known Member

    Since 2.1 I've had the headphone issue a few times, but last week I had it start playing and I wasn't even touching the phone. I was starting to wonder if id ever see the bug happen on mine.

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