Music quality on Atrix, what do you think?

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  1. ComradeNF

    ComradeNF Member

    A lot of people say it sucks, but I can't see any difference at all from the sound quality of my old iPhone 4.

    What do you guys think?

  2. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    Sounds fine for a cell phone.
  3. Falchion

    Falchion Well-Known Member

    Good enough for me to not worry about it or consider it a con of the phone, I'll just use my Zune for music though.
  4. Czarcat

    Czarcat Well-Known Member

    I think it's great. Of course, I'm not an audiophile so I don't have requirements other than it be loud and clear.

    There are some audio effects and equalizer access that provide pleasant sounds. I have no issues with the audio on this phone.
  5. MosIncredible

    MosIncredible Well-Known Member

    I actually use this phone as my mp3 player now and leave my iPod classic in the car. I have decent requirements and don't mind the sound quality. I have heard distortion but only on certain songs and over 12/15 volume. I listen at least 5 hours a day.
  6. odindra

    odindra Well-Known Member

    I thought it was meh except plugged in via 3.5 mm jack in my car. Sounded real nice and nice EQ options also. The phone itself is meh, never tried earbuds though. :(
  7. nemesys06

    nemesys06 Well-Known Member

    have any of you owned a galaxy s phone? i use that as my mp3 player most of the time, though i use my zune alot too. is it as good as the galaxy s player?
  8. z28forlife

    z28forlife Well-Known Member

    Seems fine to me. I mean come on it's a phone, its not a Bose stereo.
  9. Czarcat

    Czarcat Well-Known Member

    Yes, I had the Captivate. I think it's as good or better.
  10. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I listened to pandora, in the store and it sounded crispt and clear, even with all the noise at half volume. There wasn't a lot of base, but I didn't try adjusting the equilizers either. The difference will be how it sounds when hooked up to head phones, stereo sourround sound and car speakers. When I purchase mine, I will be using it for all three.
  11. silentecho13

    silentecho13 Well-Known Member

    Sounds fine to me. I'm a bit of an audiophile, and I actually think the Atrix outputs at a higher voltage than the iPhone 4 (xxmW output). I've noticed less distortion actually at higher volumes, as well as slightly crisper/uncompressed sound quality.

    Tested on:
    UE Super.Fi 5EB
    Beats By Dre Studio
    V-Moda Vibe
    Klipsch 5.1 Theater System w/a Yamaha receiver (not sure what the output per channel is from the top of my head though)
    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1
    Acura TL ELS System

    No complaints so far, just maybe the battery. The iPhone used to go on forever playing music, the Atrix doesn't seem to do so.
  12. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    The sound quality is clear and crisp to me :) The speaker is awsome listening to music.
  13. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    Okay, so I've had a chance to really test out the sound quality on my Atrix. It sounds great, both thru the speaker, head phones and external speakers. I didn't hear any distortions with the volume all the way up. I did notice that if you place the phone on its back, the sound does sound distorted. So, I lay mine on its face, :eek:. I listen to PowerAmp (Paid version), iheart radio and Pandora. (All apps sound really well.) I really like the equalizer setting for both the head phones and external speaker.
  14. MosIncredible

    MosIncredible Well-Known Member

    Check out GSM Arena's thoughts on the Atrix sound quality. (at the bottom of that link)

    Motorola Atrix 4G review: Enter the Atrix -

    I've always thought it sounded legit myself but GSM's test confirmed it.
  15. k3Ck

    k3Ck Well-Known Member

    Sounds much better then my iPhone 3G. It's nice and loud too and I can listen to music while I take a shower and hear it clearly.
  16. branon

    branon Member

    Just tested it against the nexus one. Was very impressed by the Atrix sound quality (I am talking about using headsets)
  17. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    Sound quality is great. Especially through the speaker compared to other phones.
  18. bloodylipp

    bloodylipp Well-Known Member

    if Bose is your standard you should think the phone sound quality is amazing. I consider Bose junk, expensive junk though. my home theater costs more than Bose but i could give ya a list of at lest 10 brands off the top of my head that are better.... and cheaper.
  19. OSN

    OSN Member

    What he said. As far as sound from the speaker, you'll get what you get, don't expect much. Sound via headphones will really only vary phone-to-phone with output power, and different headphones require different amounts of power, so efficiency of headphones is just as important. What takes the cake on this phone- HDMI output to my TV, and fiber optic audio out of my TV to my preamp. Can't do much to change the 1s and 0s of digital. :D

    When I get the car dock up and running I will get a sense of the audio interface with the car system. I hope the USB connection will work and stream digital rather than 3.5mm analog connection. Bluetooth audio sounded decent. ;)
  20. ghostdad

    ghostdad Member

    I use mine in the car with a 3.5mm audio to Auxiliary jack, good aftermarket Kenwood stereo, a year old Alpine PDX 5 channel amp (sick),4 Alpine S speakers and a 12" alpine sub and it sounds great. Was using an old ipod before and tho the ipod seemed to be a little bit louder the quality is the same. When I say louder I mean when it's turned all the way up and I'm hurting my ears.

    FWIW I use Poweramp as an mp3 player which has an eq and preamp but I leave that stuff off and use the car stereo for those adjustments. Tho I could make it louder if I tweaked it. It will probably start to distort if I do too much.

    I also use Acast and Rdio alot and the quality on that is good too.

    No complaints over using an ipod or ipad as music player.
  21. lferrante

    lferrante Member

    Just FYI - I have the Atrix 2 and the sound quality output from the headphone jack is very sub-par compared to the iPhone/pod.

    There are just plain out frequency ranges that are cut off completely -woulnd't take a good ear to hear it. Very disappointed!

    (*EDIT - I disabled all the 3d sounds and it sounds fine)
  22. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    It sounds good thru the speaker and head phones. I play my music thru the cars aux port and thru my home surround sound system.
  23. Tarankhalsa

    Tarankhalsa New Member

    Atrix 4G owns Galaxy S in music player.
  24. omnius

    omnius Well-Known Member

    Take things literal much?
  25. carr

    carr Active Member

    I use PowerAmp as my player. While I dont think the sound is that great through my Motorola S10 HD bluetooth headset, through an old pair of Sony MDR V2 wired headphones it to me is pretty good. through an external system it is good as well. PowerAmp is much more configurable than the stock Gingerbread music player with the graphic EQ. I think tha Atrix is a lot better than any other mobile devie I have ever used

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