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  1. danielary29

    danielary29 Well-Known Member

    Ok so im using go sms for text messages and when i go into settings and notifications i see my tones and full length songs is there a way to keep my music and tones seperate or am i chasing a lost cause any help please im also having problems on everything going back to stock everytime i turn off or restart my phone its driving me nuts

  2. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    are you rooted? i use mp3 editor and edit the part of the song i want and then loop it.... then i used root explorer and went in and deleted all the ringtones that came with my phone and moved the new ringtones i made into my system/media/ringtones folder. that took them out of my music folder, it didn't ruin my original song to make the ringtone, and once it's in your system files you aren't going to hear just a snippet ringtone when listening to your music. you have to be rooted to do this though.

  3. danielary29

    danielary29 Well-Known Member

    Thanks no im not rooted been to afraid to root this phone last phone i had admire i rooted and it bricked and i dont want this 1 bricked i dont know alot about rooting my real problem is just trying to find a solution to keep music on phone separate from ringtones and notifications when i say separate i mean where they dont both show up in go sms together under selet ringtone
  4. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    I had the Admire first also and rooting this phone is a whole different kettle of fish. If you brick it, soft brick, bootloop, whatever...there is a fix for it. We have the LG Updater Tool that you download onto your computer and put your phone in download mode and connect it and 7-8 minutes later you have your phone back like it was out of the box. If it goes into a bootloop we have a de-looper. I remember when I rooted my Admire I had to run it through 3-4 times and then I bricked it and the same when I got another one, it didn't root immediately. I've run this Updater several times...due to myself being a dingdong and using my own phone on my own experiments and forgetting to do something lol, or when partitioning a new sd card. Every single time I've rooted this phone it's bam I have root, bam I have recovery, bam I have my ROM. Easy Brezzy. So that's something for you to think about. Now about your problem. Is this music you have downloaded? Where did your music come from? I'm wondering why it's being saved in your ringtones?? That's not where it should be. Since you aren't rooted and can't use a file explorer to check that out do you have a card reader that you can put in your computer? Or even just hook your phone up and have it in mass storage. This is how the files should be. you should see a folder that says "media" all of these won't have the quoats... when you click on that you should then see 3 folder saying "audio" , "media" and "music". When you click on "audio" you will see 2 more folders...Notifications and Ringtones...actually there should be 3 Alarms also..I deleted all those. When I click Media I then have another folder that says there I have a folder that has album art and some of my song files...I didn't save any of that there or make that file...I think perhaps one of the apps that I use to download music did that..*edit..I just double checked and those songs are all VLC media files so you might not have that middle folder at all. Then the last folder is the one that says Music. When I click on that first is listed all my complete albums and then singles. None of my notifications or ringtones would be in this area because the are in their own ringtones and notifications folder. Now, i did away with all the system ringtones and placed my own in there, same with notification sounds. I know I use Handcent SMS and when I go to choose a ringtone I have the option of looking up via the system or Handcent...if I choose the system then I don't have access to all my songs..which I needed before I started doing away with the system ringtones and placing my own there. Is what I'm saying making sense? It is in my brain but sometimes it doesn't come out of my mouth right lol. You can hit me up PM if you need to. It's not a problem. I would notice that sooner than I would notice a response here. I think we just somehow need to get your files straightened out and then you will be set. Come on over to the other side of the things...the rooted side. lol. Come on you can do it!! Let me peer pressure you into it. lol. I walk your through it step by step :)


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