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  1. curleyfrei

    curleyfrei Active Member


    Had this happen twice now. If I look at the Sense music player, it's not playing. Pandora isn't open. Nothing else is happening, just... music playing. Volume does nothing. Only way I could find to turn it off was by turning the phone off.

    WTF?! :confused:

  2. Twistax

    Twistax Well-Known Member

    Just curious, do you have your music widget on your main screen? Is it possible you're accidently touching the screen with your hand or body?

    With these new touch screens now days, body heat is what activates things.
  3. curleyfrei

    curleyfrei Active Member

    Yes I do have it on the main screen but that was the first thing I checked and it wasn't playing. Wasn't even the same artist.
  4. skpd

    skpd Well-Known Member

    happened to my too. in my case DoubleTwist was starting up randomly while listening on Pnadora and over the 3.5mm jack connected to the car stereo. I still have not figured out what is triggering it but I have a feeling DoubleTwist has a "feature" maybe that starts it when you plug in the headphones into the EVO
  5. curleyfrei

    curleyfrei Active Member

    The most confusing part about it is that the only two music apps I have - the stock Sense player and Pandora - were NOT open!

    ZOMG GHOST FONE!!! :eek:
  6. curleyfrei

    curleyfrei Active Member


    Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?
  7. Twistax

    Twistax Well-Known Member

    Just out of a testing standpoint. Will you change your music player shortcut/widget to a different screen instead of the home screen? And test it for a day.

    Let me know the outcome.
  8. jsward12

    jsward12 Well-Known Member

    Folks, this happens when a song is made into a notification sound. Figure out what happens when the song starts (ie receiving a text, an email etc). The look at the notification and its probably set to a song. This has happend to me a few times.... especially when I have done things to the SD card.
  9. curleyfrei

    curleyfrei Active Member

    I guess I could try that, but the problem is that it's only happened twice since I got it on launch day...

    I don't have any songs as notification sounds.
  10. jonorjonathan

    jonorjonathan Well-Known Member

    i'm having a problem with the music player starting randomly when i bump or move the headphone jack. i am using the 3 (cubed) music player and it's kind of annoying when the default player starts up by itself.

    i think it's the default player trying to work with iphone like headphones that have the button to start/stop/skip songs. i hope htc has a fix because it's insanely annoying.
  11. rilla

    rilla Member

    I had this problem. It is because of doubletwist. There is an option in the doubletwist settings called "Headset controls: Use as default app for headset controls"

    Make sure that box is unchecked.

    It fixed the problem for me.
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  12. curleyfrei

    curleyfrei Active Member

    I don't have Doubletwist!
  13. Lombas

    Lombas New Member

    This happens to me too. I have a brand new motorola Droid/ Milestone running Android 2.1. The only app I installed that has anything to do with music and sounds is the "Alarm clock plus".

    I don't have any widget or anything like that!.

    I recently transfered music to the phone thru Motorola Media Link
  14. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    when you do get 2.2 the issue should lessen. there are several things that cause this...what I noticed is the phone has issues recognizing when it is and isn't connected to bluetooth or through the suddenly thinks it is connected and starts playing music automatically.

    when I was on 2.1 the best way I found to prevent the issue was to manually force stop music programs when I had finished listening to them...otherwise they are still running processes in the background and may start on their own as mentioned above.

    ie...pausing or pressing stop in the music player isn't enough...completely kill the music app in menu.settings.manage applications (or by using the not suggested task killers on the market...which in some cases won't stop them either)
  15. pdxmama

    pdxmama Member

    This started happening to me 2 days ago. My phone has started playing loudly, and randomly, while sitting all by itself in a desk charging. Both times has been when everyone was sleeping.
    - It happened for the first time after I installed doubletwist, but...
    - It doesn't seem to open doubletwist or any music player (there are no controls open or available)
    - It plays loudly even when the media volume is muted
    - It doesn't have anything to do with plugging in headphones (like I said, everyone is asleep, no one is messing with it)
    - I checked all the notification sounds I could find in "settings" and none are set to SD card songs.
    - It doesn't seem to be connected to any particular notification (I've gotten emails, text messages, etc at other times in between with no ghost launch).
    - It can only be stopped by shutting down the phone.

  16. fyuta

    fyuta Member

    I have an HTC Evo 4G Android phone and really like it, but some problems are causing me to reconsider this OS.

    for the past few nights I have the same song start up (at 3:51AM grrrrr). I just was again awakened and tried to figure out what the eff was going on. The strange thing is that the music player was not shown as running. While the song was still playing, I launched the music app and started playing another song, but the original song continued to play at the same time. I then went to my Advanced Task Killer and stopped all running programs, but the song continued to play!

    This is obviously a bug in the Android operating system. For me, the same song has played at the same time each morning for the past 3 nights. I have since deleted the entire album that contained the offending song. I hope this resolves the problem, but something tells me that I might be seeing this issue again.

    Might be time to start considering an iPhone. As much as I like most the features of the Android, I think it is not as stable or functional as the iPhone. Sadly, I will have to change providers to use the iPhone, but the Android has some really screwed up problems.

    Another problem that is prompting me to ditch android is the HORRIBLE calendar and contact synching with my MS entourage software. I have been using Spanning Sync ($40+) but it is very buggy and syncing is anything but automatic at times. Often I must completely wipe the info from my android calendar app to get items to appear on the calendar. There are a couple of identified problems, some are Spanning Sync problems, and other times, the calendar entries appear on the google calendar, but not on my device. The only solution is to clear all data from my device in the settings and sync again.

    Google really needs to fix these bugs if they expect people to view this OS as viable. Right now, I give the Android platform an A for potential and a C- for actual performance. This poor ranking is due to bugs that should never exist
  17. TQWorld

    TQWorld New Member

    While I have the HTC Inspire, I am encountering the same issue with the music randomly starting.

    I was playing a game with my headphones in and suddenly my music would start for no apparent reason. I would go in and hit the pause button and go back to my game. Then it would start up again a few minutes later while I was playing my game. Frustrated and thinking that it was the media player I was using (Meridian) I uninstalled it. Fixed, right? Wrong. After uninstalling it and going back to my game (Angry Birds), it redialed the last person I talked to on this phone. It did this several times while playing the game and I finally had to put my phone into airplane mode. It would still attempt to use the phone portion to make a phone call, but terminated due to airplane mode being on.

    Since then, I have not used my headphones (no reason to) and have reinstalled Meridian. Tonight while browsing teh web with my headphones in (Youtube), my music once again began to play on it's own.

    It seems to only do this when my headphones are in. I do not have doubletwist installed.
  18. GamerGirl

    GamerGirl New Member

    I recently switched to a 16gb sd card and all of a sudden, my HTC Evo 3D was doing the same thing (it would play 'Friday, I'm in Love' by The Cure) and I think I figured out the problem.

    I noticed that any time I received an email on my gmail acct, the song would play, so I checked my gmail sound notifications and sure enough, it somehow had set 'Friday, I'm in Love' as it's notification sound. I changed the sound to something else and voila, the problem was fixed. :)
  19. happy4ya

    happy4ya New Member

    The same thing happened to my wife's MyTouch 4G Slide and as soon as I saw your post I realized I just changed her card to a 16gb card 2 days ago. I started going through the notification settings for all the different apps and noticed in K-9 Mail, her mail notification was not set to anything so I'm not sure how a Pearl Jam song from her music library that was never a ringtone to begin with turned into one but it must be some glitch in the Android OS.

    I'm guessing when you have the ringtone set to something on the card and you remove it, it must mess with things in the phone. I haven't messed with it yet but I would like to do this with the phone off to see if it makes a difference. I'm sure it is recommended somewhere to turn the phone off before popping the card out but I have never done that before and never had a problem. Was your phone on or off when you swapped cards?
  20. VGItalian

    VGItalian New Member

    Same thing - only mine when i leave the earphones in... immediately after i answer a call (or don't answer a call), the music begins playing. since the player just starts on its own - my battery is drained many days because it is playing without me noticing.

    Sounds like many people are having this problem - yet no solutions...:mad:
  21. gaclemen

    gaclemen New Member

    There is most definitely a solution. Go into Gmail and find out what your notification sound is set to. I had to bring up the gmail app, go into settings, select each account, go to Labels to Notify, select Inbox, and change the ringtone. My problem started after I went through and set all my notification sounds with sounds downloaded from Zedge then loaded new MP3s onto my phone a couple days later. The gmail notification sounds got changed to one of the new songs I just copied to my phone.

    Also, I had to change my text message notification sound through the messaging app.
  22. cell

    cell New Member

    Thanks GamerGirl and happy4ya. Your posts helped me resolve the same issue on my Galaxy SII with Android 2.3.6. On two occasions I had a single song play on its own, in entirety and at full volume even though the phone was on silent mode and no apps were listed as running. Lowering all volume settings also did not help.

    I had just changed my microSDHC card a few days ago, going from 8GB to 32GB. I had also cleared my storage cache (to resolve a problem with duplicated playlists.) One or both of those changes seems to have caused a mix-up in notification sounds from my reMind app. Instead of playing the notification sounds I had previously set, a song got played as the notification instead.

    Solution: go through all your notifications that are incorrectly playing a song and re-specify the sounds you want for them.
  23. syben1

    syben1 New Member

    Have no answer as to WHY the music app starts by itself, but rebooting your phone will stop this highly annoying glitch from re-occuring.
    Many of the suggestions offered in this forum may work, but most won't. This is a software glitch in the Android system and it is up to Google to correct it.
    DO YOU HEAR US - Google?
  24. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    what phone do you have? i have never had this issue with the htc evo 4g or any other phone i have ever i'm not sure that this is an android could be more of a phone issue.
  25. Josua Robson

    Josua Robson New Member

    With me it starts at the lock
    With me it just happens with the lock screen, so because I have multiple users, I just tap one and go back on and it's stopped!

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