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  1. simrick

    simrick Member

    This is really strange and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

    I have a Galaxy S3 which is not activated right now with Verizon, and hasn't been for about a year. I use it like a small tablet - collecting email using wifi and listening to music. At home I connect it to a little Auvio bluetooth speaker. In the car, I connect to a Motorola bluetooth T505 hands-free device, which puts the music through my vehicle's speaker system.

    So here's my problem: The other day, I had an album playing through the T505 as I was driving through a residential area I have never driven through before. All of a sudden, the music stopped. When I had a chance to look at the phone, it was off. It would not turn back on - it's like it was killed. I had to open the thing up and remove the battery to get it to turn on again.

    Ever since that time, whenever I connect to a bluetooth speaker, the music will not play - it sits in pause mode and will not play at all. The minute I disconnect from the BT device the music will play fine. It's like the play button freezes when connected to a BT device.

    I use the standard music player app that came with the phone - "Music Player".

    Any thoughts on what happened and how I can fix it? I am not able to take system updates, because it's not activated with Verizon. Thanks.

  2. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I would suggest you unpair your BT with your car stereo, reboot your phone and then re-pair the BT connection. See if that helps.
  3. Similar issue.. When connected to bluetooth.. Says "can't play music while in a phone call". When I'm not on the phone.
  4. simrick

    simrick Member

    Thanks Stuntman for your reply. I tried un-pairing the T505, re-booted and re-paired; no difference. So I Un-paired everything, rebooted and re-paired everything. It still sat in pause mode when connected to the T505. So I went into task killer and killed almost everything, then went back to Music Player, and got it to work...once. Trying the same thing the next time didn't work. An it's still not working with either the speaker or the hand-free device.

    I am stumped. Any other ideas? This is really frustrating. Thanks.
  5. nailzer

    nailzer Well-Known Member

    Check sound when you're trying to do blurtooth in you car. When bluetooth connects you'll see a bluetooth symbol when you press the sound rocker on the left of the phone. Make sure it's on.

  6. simrick

    simrick Member

    Yes, I am sure the sound is up. The problem is, it is in pause mode, and it won't play when connected to the T505 hands-free device.

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