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  1. LiamG

    LiamG New Member

    So i was listening to some music the other day on my month old HTC one x+

    and all of a sudden the music just started stuttering and when i got my phone out my pocket to check, i couldn't even get the unlock screen to come up!

    It carried on doing this even in "play music" app and on sound cloud!

    Really didn't expect problems after only having the phone a month!

    any ideas what it is? if it carries on i'm taking it back and asking for a different phone! (iphone maybe)

  2. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    Did that behavior continue after a reboot of the phone?
  3. gnosisjunky

    gnosisjunky Well-Known Member

    You might be just a bit spoiled. What glitches did your iPhone have? If you say none we know you lying. If you want a perfect phone you have a very long wait. Sorry I know that was mean.
  4. LiamG

    LiamG New Member

    As in turning my phone off then back on again or fully rebooting it?
  5. LiamG

    LiamG New Member

    Well i never had any problems with my old iphone to be fair, the only time i did was when i jailbroke it

    I know no phone is perfect, but the HTC one x+ is supposed to be 1 of the most powerful phones out there yet it can't handle music playing with some apps running at the same time

    My point was i never had that problem playing music on my iphone multitasking with apps

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