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"Music temporariliy unavailable"Support

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  1. brittmayo

    brittmayo New Member

    New Nexus 10 32GB. Essentially in "factory reset" state, with the exception of connecting to WiFi and setting up my Google account and wallet.

    Everything works perfectly except for Google Play Music. It responds with "Music temporarily unavailable" when I try to play any of the pre-installed songs. Clearing the app cache doesn't help, nor does uninstalling and reinstalling the app updates.

    All of the other Google Play apps other than Music work properly.

    Sound and video are working properly in general (e.g., YouTube app works fine).

    I have seen many others with this problem across the Internet, so it's apparently something endemic to the device/build. Has anyone encountered it and found a solution?


  2. brittmayo

    brittmayo New Member

    Solution found:

    I had NEVER used google music for anything prior to purchasing the Nexus. It comes with a set of songs "pre-purchased" on the device, but it wouldn't access them from my library because the Nexus wasn't authorized (no device was). When I logged onto google music on my PC, it then authorized my PC which must have "broken something loose". Subsequently, I was able to play the songs on the Nexus, which NOW shows up as an authorized device.

    I was unaware of the whole "authorized device" concept until someone mentioned it to me. That was the key missing piece.
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