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Music turning off when phone is face downGeneral

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  1. edenney

    edenney Member

    The default setting on the Galaxy phones, has been that the music turns off when the phone is turned face down. Since the speaker is on the BACK of the phone, it makes perfect sense to have the phone face down if you're listening to music through the built in speaker. Anyway, on the S3 I had found the setting to turn that function off, but a few months ago I upgraded to the S4 and now I can't find that feature anywhere. I don't know if it was in the default music player or somewhere in the phone's settings, but wherever it's at, I sure as heck haven't been able to find it with 4.4.2. Searched the forums here and couldn't find the answer either, but it's tough to find the right keywords for this issue. Anybody know the answer? TIA

  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Hi edenny try looking in Settings > Controls > Motion. Turn motion on then toggle Turn over to On. That should do it. I think it only works with the built in music player though.
  3. edenney

    edenney Member

    The way to get to the Motion settings is a bit different with my version of Android, but I eventually found the Motion toggle button, and once I turned it on (I had it off because the features it describes on that button toggle I have no use for) I clicked on the setting itself and that opened up another page of Motion options. Never would've imagined there was another level you could get to by clicking on what appears to only be an ON/OFF toggle button, it's not intuitive at all. Anyway, once I got down to that next level, there was an option at the very bottom that controls this function (and also mutes incoming calls when the phone is turned face down), thanks. They sure buried this, considering it's something I'd imagine a number of people would want turned off, since the speaker is on the back of the phone and severely muffled when the phone is face up.
  4. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    I've noticed that different carriers have different software setups as well. I can tell you what works with T-Mobile because that's the carrier I use, You never listed yours so I assumed it would be similar anyway. Glad I could help and how about listing that carrier in your user profile so that other members will know which carrier has this drill down option from the toggle button thing you described,. I know I'm sure curious.
  5. edenney

    edenney Member

    Although I've owned many smartphones, I've always only had Sprint. So as far as I knew, the settings section of the Android OS was the same for all, as long as they had the same Android version. Anyway, I wasn't complaining about mine being different than what you suggested, just mentioning it. Wasn't aware there was a place in my profile to list my carrier, don't recall that being a question that needed to be filled out when I registered a few years ago.

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