Music without an SD card?

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  1. VTAb182

    VTAb182 New Member

    Is there a way to get music from my computer to my phone's (galaxy s ii) memory instead of using an SD card? Or is an SD card required to copy over music?

  2. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    From just general knowledge about Android, I have D2 and Droid Charge. If you can plug your phone into the computer and have an option in Notification are and choose PC mode, then you should be able to open file explorer and investigate your internal memory, or make a folder in it and transfer data into it. I would drag one song to see if it works first.
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    SGS 2, when you connect the phone via a cable, select mass storage mode. You will see a new drive in My Computer which is the internal storage. its read just like any other USB storage medium.
  4. bobbyrobson

    bobbyrobson New Member

    Kies Air is also pretty good if you have wi-fi at home.

    If you click the app it will give you a web address to type in.

    This then shows all your files and lets you upload and download wirelessly (word??)

    It's so much faster than the kies normal version, which is garbage.

    This is another option in addtion to mass storage mode noted above, which also works well.

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