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  1. AngelBebe85

    AngelBebe85 New Member

    Hello, this is my first post, i am newb to this site. Im having a few issues with my phone, so here is my first question posting: I updated my unrooted Vibrant phone to 2.2 using Kies, now im having issues with my phone not playing music files. The stock 2.2 music player was playing the mp3s that were on my phone prior to 2.2 but since adding more songs to my phone now the default player won't play any music file. I've tried using diff stand alone music player apps n sometimes they will play the songs, sometimes they won't. Anybody else having this problem??

  2. DroidBoy84

    DroidBoy84 New Member


    I'm having the same issues with my Vibrant. I only realized it today. It refuses to play any of my songs. I downloaded the 2.2 update via the keis too. I assume that's when the issue started.

    I've been looking online for a solution but I haven't found any help yet.
  3. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    Option 1; Delete all the music files, then re copy them from your computer
    Option 2; Master reset
    Not entirely sure either of these methods will work, but they seem the most logical
  4. Travissgraham

    Travissgraham Member

    I've found that if you connect your android to your computer as a USB drive, then disconnect it, the phone reloads all the files on the SD card. then it works.

    Or just turn your phone off then back on. Same Effect.

    I do wish they'd fix this though
  5. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    I've been getting this error more and more, recently. Never had this problem until a few weeks ago, and now it seems like I get that error message every other day. It's really annoying.

    Rebooting the phone does work, and I'll try the USB trick. Ugh. I hope Gingerbread will fix it.
  6. Travissgraham

    Travissgraham Member

    also if you unmount the sd card then remount it it works. this seems to be a problem with the OS mounting the SD card cause pandora doesn't work either for me when i'm having this problem and i have pandora installed to my SD card.
  7. Edcokpareke

    Edcokpareke New Member

    Having the same problem. I too believe it has something to do with 2.2, because I had my Vibrant for a year prior to 2.2 and I never had this problem.

    I believe it has something to do with media recognition. When the problem begins, the stock music player, the youtube app, Last Fm, the video camera, the video player, etc stop working. It's like a complete media failure.

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