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  1. tp2386

    tp2386 Well-Known Member

  2. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    i use remotedroid for that. works well, using it right now!
  3. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    Air control, you'll never feel so stressed while smiling!
  4. blckz28

    blckz28 Member

    3D Compass is my favorite compass app and is great for showing off the phone. Puts a 3D compass over top of live video from your camera as well as displaying your position on a map, current address and speed.
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  5. way2success

    way2success Well-Known Member

    Could you explain a little more in detail? How do you use it as a mouse or control the programs on PC?
  6. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    First download the app MultiRemote to your handset. There is a companion app for your PC, which is easy to find through help within the app. (Click download on the home page and you will have the 2D URL barcode for the app, and a link for the zip called "server" or something close to that.) if you download it to your handset, you'll then need to move it to a good place on your PC.
    The file you will download is a .zip, so you will have to extract the contents use winzip, or i use a free zip tool called "7-Zip". once unpacked run the executable JAR file contained in it.
    at that time you'll see this...

    then open the app on your phone.... and select or input your IP address. once done tinkering and you get a connection, the magic just happens. use the large part of your phone screen to move the cursor on your PC, and the buttons below well they're self explanatory.

    server file (ZIP containing JAR)

    A final thought, this app is neat, i can't wait to tinker with the wii-remote emulation, but for just mouse function the remotedroid ( )app is better because they have integrated a keyboard for text entry. It installs a little easier, only because it TELLS you your IP address. probably not difficult for you to get that info on your own ;)
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  7. dels28

    dels28 Well-Known Member

    I just used gmote as a remote app for my pc during a presentaion at work Tuesday. Worked great, wifi needed. I was able to open files on my computer and the server at work, the only downside is that using the internet was a little clunky, but overall a great app.
  8. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    LOVE IT, Shares with iphone also. wish they would add video to the list of BUMP-able items.
  9. 4tunesmiles

    4tunesmiles Member

    2 days ago, kindle for android was finally released. I downloaded it and it immediately synced with all my purchased books, right down to the page I am on, with my kindle. That's a nice feature.
    I had kindle on my iphone, and actually like reading on my phone better than on my kindle. (With my vision, I need the backlighting). So with a bigger brighter screen, it will really be nice.

    Love Grocery IQ, it does so much for a free app. It's best feature may be how it syncs with my husband's phone, so whatever he adds to the list shows up on my list, and whatever I add also shows on his. Same for when one of us purchases something and checks it off the list.

    TikL Touch-to-Talk: this walkie-talkie app seems to be glitchy for some, but works fine between our phones, and is very handy.

    Tunee, for free music.

    No-Lock for getting rid of the lock screen and being able to use the volume buttons to turn the phone on.

    Lookout for easy data backup, anti-virus and phone finder.

    I have many of the others that have been mentioned, but these are some I thought I'd hit on as having found very useful.
  10. Essex

    Essex Well-Known Member

    Just one:

    SystemPanel App (full version). Best system monitor/task manager I've used. It is awesome for those who want to actually "see" how Android allocates memory. Once you see how the memory is used, it is much easier to optimize battery life. SystemPanel App should come standard on ALL Android devices. It is that good...
  11. ed33433

    ed33433 Well-Known Member

    very good app for road warriors
  12. Upright

    Upright Well-Known Member


    Also Folder Organizer lite is a must have, has actually replaced App Oragnizer for me because it allows you to set up app folders in the same way plus allows you to create custom icons on the home screen. I don't think App Organizer does this.
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  13. skittlesV1

    skittlesV1 Well-Known Member

    Im new from the iphone, what do you guys think I should know? What are some good apps? Someone said Hancent sms app. Do you guys have any other suggestions?
  14. GhostFlame

    GhostFlame Well-Known Member

  15. XxMerlinxX

    XxMerlinxX Well-Known Member

  16. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Boom! What he said FTW!
  17. ejchis

    ejchis Well-Known Member

    Launcher Pro - best launcher
    Pure Calendar - best calendar widget
    Jorte - best calendar application
    Astrid - best task management, especially if you use Remember the Milk
    handcent - best SMS application
    Swype - best keyboard
    Google Maps + Navigation - Invaluable
    Live Scores - best up-to-the-minute sports application
    Where - great application for finding nearby businesses
    Pandora - best internet radio
    3 (cubed) or MixZing - two best music player applications
    Folder Organizer - a more robust replacement for Apps Organizer
    Titanium Backup - very thorough backup application
    Quick Settings - get rid of all of those other setting toggle widgets
    AppBrain - best way to keep your applications up-to-date with all the latest version releases
    gmote - great remote for your pc
    Wireless Tether - free hotspot capabilities, couldn't live without this one
    Dolphin HD - excellent browser application

    There's a good start for anyone looking to make their phone into a smooth-running work-horse.
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  18. way2success

    way2success Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for taking the time out for writing and sharing along with a screen shot. You are the best!
  19. way2success

    way2success Well-Known Member

    I love this app too and also looking for something additional where I would want the screen to timeout but would wake up as soon as I pick it up or make any movements with it... Some of you may have the same issue, I have to use the power/volume buttons to turn the phone on like 50 times during my work day... Tried looking around but no luck yet :( Especially since my volume buttons are not so smooth & feel clunky every time I use them(Manufacturing Defect).
  20. sadkins292

    sadkins292 Active Member

    lets list some apps and games every EVO owner should have, ill start.
    1. google goggles
    2. launcher pro
    3. account authenticator for (for world of warcraft)
    4. ringdroid
    5.sketch wars
    6. my paper plane
    7. barcode scanner
  21. jamesmckeephx

    jamesmckeephx Well-Known Member

    dolphin hd
    camera 360
    jetvd (awesome lets you download hd youtube)
    those are my tops
  22. sadkins292

    sadkins292 Active Member

    Just got jetvd, its pretty nice.
    I would also like to add astro file manager and pdanet for free usb tethering
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  23. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    I like all the above apps. I would like to add layer and foursquare.
  24. luxetical

    luxetical Well-Known Member

    my most used:

    xScope Browser
    Chrome to Phone
    Voice Search

    those are really the only apps I use besides the preinstalled
  25. ed33433

    ed33433 Well-Known Member

    great app

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