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  1. JasonK75

    JasonK75 Well-Known Member

    Anybody know if mobile defense is still in the market? I just tried to find it and couldn't?? :confused:

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  2. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

  3. JasonK75

    JasonK75 Well-Known Member

  4. MsRandall

    MsRandall Well-Known Member

    My must haves are:

    Astro Pro
    Call Confirm
    Extreme Call Blocker
    Glutton= I warn you its addicting
    My Backup Pro
    Timeriffic= Auto Profile switching and its free...
    Wells Fargo
  5. txcobra96

    txcobra96 Active Member

    screen off
    no lock
    brightness level
    by curvefish
    beautiful widgets
  6. bbourquin

    bbourquin New Member

    How about and app. to streamline my netflix to my EVO????
  7. katebell1977

    katebell1977 Member

    i cant sync my itunes unless i mount the evo as a hard drive and manually drag and drop. What app is good for us mac users who want to sync itunes and ical and iphoto?:confused:
  8. nu2android

    nu2android Well-Known Member

    Im surprised that no one mentioned ventriloid a ventrilo client for your Evo and other Android phones. Its not perfect but if you need get in contact with your WoW guild raid group or anyone on your guild vent and you're not near a computer, it may come in handy.
  9. The SPCS Guy

    The SPCS Guy Well-Known Member

  10. mcnutty

    mcnutty Well-Known Member

    Multicon is really cool for freeing up real estate on your phone.
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  11. s_special

    s_special Well-Known Member

    love to see the suggestions!
  12. towney

    towney Member

    How are folks getting Flash 10.1? Where? I keep getting not available when I try to download.
  13. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member

    If you're on 2.2, you already have it.
  14. Super B

    Super B New Member

    Tunesync has to be my most favorite app. I was able to upload all of my music from itunes to my phone via wifi.
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  15. Never!?

    Never!? Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks. I dont use it for wow stuff, just talking with old buddies from back in the day.
  16. googliamoog

    googliamoog Member

    +1 for Multicon

    about the only thing that annoyed me on this phone was the size of the icons. this fixed that "problem".
  17. djdisturbed

    djdisturbed Well-Known Member

  18. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    My Installed Android Apps
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  19. LoveMyPhone

    LoveMyPhone Well-Known Member

    The "system tools" it uses..."change WiFi state, modify global settings, write sync settings".....What does all that mean? :eek: It "scares" the h**l out of me!
  20. toddpedersen

    toddpedersen Well-Known Member

    I noticed you list LED Light. Are you running Froyo 2.2? If so, it has a built in flashlight program.

    I also read that LED light has a compatability issue with Froyo that causes it to keep the phone from sleeping, draining the heck out of the battery.

  21. s_special

    s_special Well-Known Member

  22. s_special

    s_special Well-Known Member

  23. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

  24. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Caller ID Faker

  25. Elastic Love

    Elastic Love Member

    Thanks I'm in Irving so I hope this works! :D

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