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Must-Have apps for the EVO 3DTips

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  1. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    A few out-of-the-ordinary ones that I like:

    Good Morning (the one by Flywheel with a yellow-and-blue flower-looking thing as the icon symbol)--Wakes me up in the morning with music, alarm (both pretty normal) but then by reading my calendar entries for the day to me, telling me the weather forecast, and reading any message I typed in.

    WakeVoice--Similar to Good Morning, but slightly different. The voice that wakes you makes lame little jokes that change periodically, plus it will read the news. I alternate between the two programs for my alarm on different days.

    Astro File Manager--Not that out of the ordinary, but great app!

    Galaxy Wire and PhysOrg.com News--Space and science news for geeks.

    Mvideo Player--Better video player than the stock one on my EVO 4G, I haven't really compared it to the one on the 3D yet.

    FoxyRing--I've never used the program, but I really like the widget that comes with it. Lets you quickly silence your phone for a period up to five hours, but the sound will come back on automatically at the end of that time, even if you forget to intervene.


    EONW (Effects of Nuclear Weapons)--For the morbidly curious creep in all of us.

    Pulse or MyTaptu--News feed organizers

    RadarNow--Fast, simple non-fancy radar. Essential for those who live in Tornado Alley.

    QuintessArt--If you don't care for the art yourself, use it to try to impress cultured women! :D

    Tricorder by Moonblink--Incredibly cool and geeky app, especially if you are a fan of Star Trek TOS. Even if you are too young for Kirk and Spock, this thing uses the sensors in your phone to do some really cool things that actually work!

    Wifi Analyzer by Kevin Yuan

    I've actually used Sprint Radio a few times as a change from Pandora. I realize I may be the only person on the planet who did this. Occasionally I find Sprint TV has free peeks at channels that are actually worth a darn, and I'll watch 'em if I'm traveling and bored.

    I actually enjoy some live wallpapers on a short-term basis till I get tired of 'em for the moment. The ones by Kittehface tend to be good, especially Aquarium Live and Friendly Bugs.

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  2. wirelessness

    wirelessness Member

    Isn't Swype built in to the Evo 3D? It appears to be a built in mine.
  3. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    Yes, but I posted that before we had confirmation of that fact.
  4. TIMtationX

    TIMtationX Member

    I had this on the 4G and it worked great, but on the 3D the radar it only takes up a little more than half the screen. Do you have this problem?
  5. SuperC142

    SuperC142 Well-Known Member

    ^This^ - Great gimmick to show off your phone's sensors (and it's actually somewhat useful, too).
  6. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    Y'know, the radar is a lot smaller.

    I'm betting this is an unwanted side effect of the higher resolution. The radar image is a certain size in pixels and that takes less of the screen.
  7. Span_Wolf

    Span_Wolf Well-Known Member

    Quick question. When you download a third party .apk, after you install it do you need to delete the installer or does that happen automatically? If you do need to delete it, where is it?

    Also is there a link that I can go to, to download netflix on my Evo since it's not listed in the store, swipe too?
  8. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    You don't need to download swype, it is there. I believe I had to authorize it as a keyboard on menu--->language and keyboards.

    I would calibrate my keyboard, swype was almost unusable for me till I did that.
  9. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    Btw, you know you can zoom in with the little plus virtual screen button, right?
  10. Span_Wolf

    Span_Wolf Well-Known Member

    Ok I went into keyboard and language settings and Skype is there, but it wont activate, there isn't even a way to turn it on.
  11. SuperC142

    SuperC142 Well-Known Member

  12. Span_Wolf

    Span_Wolf Well-Known Member

    Thanks, now is there a thread for people that just can't get their E3D to connect to their wireless network? I found it, I put in the ID and Key, but it just keeps hanging on "Obtaining IP address from network."

    Edit: Also what do I do about getting Netflix on this thing?
  13. yolky

    yolky Member

    My Must Haves:

    Astro File Manager
    Vortex Galaxy (Live wallpaper)
    Google Voice
    Mp3 Music Download
    Barcode Scanner
    Vaulty Free
    Flightview Free
    Thunderstorm (live wallpaper)
    Advanced Task Killer
    Google Sky
  14. websiteworld

    websiteworld Member

  15. Shawn0413

    Shawn0413 Well-Known Member

    I had to call htc about a issue with with my 3d..and was told do not put any type of task killer on the 3d....he said it could cause issues with this phone..I had it on mt original evo
  16. Dooderino

    Dooderino Well-Known Member

    It doesnt make sense to when it comes with one already on there
  17. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    I emailed the developer of RadarNow using the link in the Market, and he replied in just a few minutes. He correctly pointed out that QHD screens are new. He said he couldn't comment on future developments of the app, but said that he thought I'd be satisfied. So it sounds like he is "on it"!
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  18. yourfriendmat

    yourfriendmat Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know a good app to turn off the ringer when you have an appointment set as "Busy" in your calendar? I've tried a couple and I don't want to add special characters to my event names. My old Touch Pro with WinMo did this back in the dark ages :p I was disappointed when my Evo couldn't, and now looking through the Evo 3D's settings, I am finding that this feature is missing again.
  19. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    Not exactly what you want, but for a similar reason, I use the widget that comes with the Foxyring program. You manually turn it on before your meeting, and it automatically quiets the phone for the period you specify, but independently turns the ringer back on at the time you specified.
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  20. Span_Wolf

    Span_Wolf Well-Known Member

    Couple of app questions. Which car navigator is better, the phone comes with two? Is there any reason why iheartradio doesn't show up on the app store when I search, same with Crackle?
  21. atg284

    atg284 Well-Known Member

    I've downloaded a bunch of the recommendations but I need some input on which Antivirus is best. Paid, Free, or none.

    If I should download one which one is the best? Thanks!
  22. RAdroider

    RAdroider Well-Known Member

    like with intercourse, the best anti virus protection is to not download anything...its free
  23. atg284

    atg284 Well-Known Member

    Like intercourse, downloading is unavoidable ;)
  24. TheHoodedClaw

    TheHoodedClaw Well-Known Member

    I don't know the answer to your question. I can mention that I'm using the free version of Lookout. That doesn't mean I know it is "best". Unfortunately, there's no good way to know which antivirus program is best--That's a difficult task on PCs where there are real and common threats, and on Android where there are very few actual threats, it is almost impossible.

    My suggestion is that if you stick to the official Android Market, and only download apps that have been on sale for awhile, and have a couple of thousand downloads, you will PROBABLY (not assuredly) be safe. Amazon's Appmarket should probably be fine, too, and probably anything well-publicized at XDA (I have no real knowledge on that site). The most important antivirus step is to not download stuff, especially apks, from questionable places.

    In addition to doing that, I'd install one of the free antivirus apps on the theory that it probably won't do any harm. Sprint keeps mentioning Lookout as a suggested app, which gives me at least a slight warm fuzzy for it. Presumably this will help if/when malware becomes a bigger and more mainstream problem.

    Lookout is announcing that they've found some websites that (as I understand it) can infect your Android phone by viewing them, but it appears that this is extremely rare. So far, anyway....

    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on Android security, and this post is my unsupported opinion.
  25. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    The best defense against malware is your own personal awareness. Any computer program can be defeated, including anti-malware programs. So knowing what to download, and staying away from apps that are suspicious, is key. I used to use Lookout, but after awhile, I just decided my phone's resources (battery and CPU) were better spent doing other things. Not saying Lookout is a resource hungry app. Far from it, it consumes a very little. But me being a tweaker, any excess that I don't consider a luxury, is a waste.

    If you really want to stay safe, be prepared to read. Because there is a poster here by the name of 'alostpacket' who wrote a friggin' encyclopedia on the subject. Here is the thread:


    Now, if you don't mind having an app constantly running in the background, checking files, because it's a second-defense sort of thing, I won't argue that. But if you think you're safe because you have one (or all) of the malware apps installed, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Read that thread, at least the major parts of it. Learn how to protect yourself. Anti-malware apps will just lull you into a false sense of security, IMO.
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