must have apps on 2.2

which video player is better-?

  1. Mx player

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  2. mobo player

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  1. R311

    R311 Member

    ;)hey there! people please suggest some great must have apps for my lg optimus one 2.2 stock rom, rooted phone.

    from weather widgets to games, music players, anything and everything!

    please suggest and reply soon!

    Thanks :)

  2. Anjohl

    Anjohl New Member

    Beautiful widgets
    MX player
    Endomondo (for hikers/bikers/walkers/joggers/etc)
    jefit (for weightlifting)
    World Series of Poker Legend (Play in airplane mode...still very much worth it)
    Condado (amazing adaptation of "San Juan", a legendary card game)

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