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Must Have Apps??General

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  1. droidnu2

    droidnu2 New Member

    I am new Android phones and I am wondering what apps are must haves?? I know so far I dont like the email on the A2. Whats a good email app? Id be thankful for any other tips and pointers.

  2. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Android Army, I think you will like it here. There are quite a few apps out there that can help your Android experience become better. Here are a few apps to help you get on your way:

    Handsent is probably the best text messaging app out there, it is fully customizable.

    Both K9 and Moxier Mail are great corporate mail clients for Android but you can also use them for gmail too I believe.

    App Cache Cleaner will keep your A2 running smooth and quick but automatically

    DoubleTwist is a great music app that syncs your phone to iTunes.

    Springpad is the best note taking app out there, IMHO

    Weather Bug is great for local weather if you are wanting a good weather app.

    Hope this helps and remember that there is nothing wrong with trying out apps and uninstalling if you don't like them. Have fun!
  3. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    I like the Kindle app which allows you to read books for free just like on a Kindle.

    I also like Antivirus, Google Skymap, Gstrings (I play the mandolin) and Tricorder (Trekkie fun).

    I'm really liking the Voice Commandthat came on the phone (supplied by Google). It works really well once you get the hang of it.
  4. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    K-9 is generally regarded as a solid email app (I personally use(d)), not just for corporate, but POP3 and IMAP accounts as well (e.g. Comcast, Verizon, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).

    Estrong's File Explorer makes it extremely easy to manage/create files/folders , and find/connect to network shared folders (literally a 3-step process).

    Power Amp (paid version) is also a solid mp3 player, highly customizable, yet straight forward to use/configure.

    Any other recommendations would be based on what additional functions/features you need. Personally, I would never leave home without a device that cannot access my Sling/Hava boxes...but that's just me.
  5. ClarDold

    ClarDold Member

    I am also new, and the apps that I loaded on he first day are
    Slacker Radio
    Google Skymap
    DirecTV scheduler
    Angry Birds

  6. djheadshot

    djheadshot Member

    Everyone should get gReader best app for viewing news from websites loads quickly and has a good interface. Also get Getjar for paid apps and games for free legally like beautiful widgets or samurai vengeance 2. Both which I reccomend getting as well a tapatalk to access forums like this easily from your phone. Other good Getjar apps are cartoon camera, imperio age of zombies,karoshi, and muffin knight. The amazon app store also offers a free paid app each day.

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  7. aajimmyd

    aajimmyd Member

    No need to download Skype it will not work. WTH!!

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