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  1. hager03

    hager03 Well-Known Member

    New to tf300t, what are the must have apps you need for this tablet.

  2. jericko

    jericko Well-Known Member

    For tablet apps
    Comic Rack - Best Comic Reader
    Perfect Viewer - For PDF Mags
    MX Player - Video Player (plays everything)
    Aldiko Prem - Ebook Reader
    Wifi File Explorer - Best way to add files
    Pandora/TuneIn Radio - for music on the go
    KeePass - For all my passwords (Use dropbox to sync between PCs/Tablet/Phone
    Dropbox - still the best Cloud service
  3. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    ES File explorer (wifi and stream video from your PC or NAS)
    Pulse News (RSS reader with nice interface)
    Songza (legit music streaming based on mood and time of day)
    Do It Tomorrow (task planner, with a neat interface)
    Wikipedia (Just better than going to the website)
    Instagram (cool social camera)
    Dood's Music Streamer (grooveshark library player, free)
    Quickpic (much better than the stock image gallery browser) (if you're into scrobbling your tracks. If you find it bloated, get the simple scrobbler)
    RealCalc Scientific Calculator (cool retro-looking calculator)
    Powernote (bookmarks, note taking)
    500px (beautiful interface for browsing prosumer photography)
    Appbrain (easy way to discover, queue up for bulk install/deletion of apps)
  4. HitFactor

    HitFactor Member

    Bulletflight, ballistic calculator and weapon database, level 2 if serious, level 3 if you are a professional sniper.

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