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  1. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Might I suggest to the OP that he use the "hide" BB code around the QR codes like I did in this thread. It'll make it look a whole lot cleaner. You might also consider adding a price and where to download it with each app.

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  2. Papadroid

    Papadroid VIP Member VIP Member

    Yeah, I just wanted to give you a hard time. I was just shocked that you even suggested the use of a task killer after reading many things including you sig link. Don't get me wrong I use one but only for one or two apps.
  3. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

  4. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

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  5. Heliotropic

    Heliotropic Well-Known Member

  6. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    thanks to everyone for posting more ideas!
  7. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    Has anyone tried out Grooveshark? The app is only available to Premium Subscribers of their service right now while it's in beta so I went ahead and signed up and boy is it worth the $3.00 a month!
  8. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    what exactly is it?
    looks just like a media player
  9. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

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  10. jaboda79

    jaboda79 Well-Known Member

    1. It is similar to the stock, shows album art, and controls on the bottom. The widget takes up the entire screen, no sliding lock screen. There is a button on the top that takes you to the stock lock screen, so there is another step to getting to your phone.

    2. I apologize, It's actually called TurboList. I have tried a couple note apps, but I was looking for the check-off lists that I didn't really find elsewhere. Yes to the voice clips, and no widget, but I did find out I could pin it to a NoteEverything shortcut on the home screen. I did also like ColorNote for the ability to "stick" a Post-It note like widget with your notes right on your home screen. With choice of color.

    Hope this helps.
  11. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    Google tasks has a check off too. And you can see it online, and if you have the pure calendar widget, tasks show up on the calendar

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  12. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    Will update with paid apps, prices, and page on androlib this weekend

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  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    It seems that each note app has some features I like but not everything I want lol. Cool will download that than. I want the voice clips and check off option. Maybe of a lot of people request it, the developer will put a either option

    Edit: damn ads

    Interesting, I'm using pure calendar widget but I don't want my notes and lists to go on there. Does it have voice clips attachment and a widget?

    Edit: can't seem to find Google task on the market :(

  14. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    Love that Battery widget (even though its not accurate yet) allows access to all the stuff I used spare parts for so I dont even need that prog, and the screen locky widget thing, awesome. Great thread
  15. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    I stream Grooveshark at work, its a great site. I am not a premium member though, so cant use the app
  16. Trident

    Trident VIP Member VIP Member

    It's definitely worth the $3/ month!
  17. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    Its gtasks. And there is a widget, but no voice. And you can set it so that they don't show up on the calendar

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  18. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help. Let your battery run all the way down and it will be more accurate

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  19. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    I know I'm late to the swype game but its my new fav app! I cant wait til I get good at it!
  20. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    i hopped on it pretty recently too. its made things a hell of a lot easier
  21. lbuch79

    lbuch79 Member

    Thanks for this thread. I'm also new to swype and i don't know how i went without it.
  22. Romparoo

    Romparoo Well-Known Member

    Screeble looks promising. Keyring looks great! I have soooo many different cards that I just refuse to carry in my wallet, so every time I go to a store and they make me use a card I just signup for a new one.
  23. zutmin

    zutmin Well-Known Member

  24. cheerless

    cheerless Member

  25. andrizoid

    andrizoid Well-Known Member

    I don't think so. sorry

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