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  1. DEinMA

    DEinMA Well-Known Member

    Yep, screwball is officially junk.

    Kudos to the guy that wrote it for making a fine video to promote it, but the thing is a battery KILLER! I just checked and it was using 51% (!). I got suspicious when my battery life suddenly plummeted from about 33 hours to around 25 (with 1750 battery). I quickly uninstalled and am using your solution. And in truth, I was having trouble remembering to not turn the phone off with the end button as that had become ingrained in my habits already. I'm just glad I didn't pay for the upgrade.

    Someone should start a thread about useless/overpromising/hog apps. I nominate MyBackup & Screebl. :(

  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

  3. jcsaxx

    jcsaxx Active Member

    I couldn't get the CityCallerId link to work, either. It said unsuccessful.

    Update 5/9/10: Got a copy from my wife's phone, she still has the original firmware on her Eris.
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  4. tsandroid

    tsandroid Well-Known Member

    The essential apps for me are:
    1.apps organizer - for organizing apps into categories - paid
    2.appmonster - for backing up apps
    3.atrackdog - for restoring apps
    4.task manager
    5.commantalb - for app switching
    6.ultra keyboard - does everything better keyboard does & more. - paid
    I also love widgetdock. It provides a customizable clock, & a dock for shortcuts - paid
  5. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    How did you get it from another phone? Are you able to share the file?

    I can't seem to download it from the 1st post

    Edit: Thank you!!!!!
  6. mmiles84

    mmiles84 Member

    My favorite apps are MLB at Bat, Gallery, GolfCard, iMusic Tao, Skyfire, and Zedge.
  7. DEinMA

    DEinMA Well-Known Member

    FYI - Weatherbug Elite is now available in the Market for $1.99. I just downloaded it! ;)
  8. haveadaytoday

    haveadaytoday Active Member

    Just found this app, don't think I've seen it mentioned in this thread. I occasionally accidentally dial people when scrolling through favorites or my call log. This app is called "Call Confirm". When you hit to call someone, a pop-up appears with the contact picture and number, asks if you really want to call this number. Gives you the option to "call" or "hang up" will save me a TON of accidental calls. Also gives the option to bypass if blue tooth is enabled.
  9. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Sounds like a very useful app! Checking it out :D
  10. Praetorian

    Praetorian Well-Known Member

    This is a great find. I can't count how many times I've misdialed with this phone.
  11. DEinMA

    DEinMA Well-Known Member

    Nice. This will come in handy. :cool:
  12. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    can someone please post the .apk? I don't have access to a computer right now.
  13. lennyjew

    lennyjew Well-Known Member

    Just search for it in the market. Took me 2 seconds to find when searching for "call confirm"
  14. leoninter

    leoninter Member

    I hate being had and have to admit I fell for that advertisement video but now common sense does point that the constant polling of position might be unhelpful.

    How did you pinpoint your battery drain so specifically to Screebl?

    I am seeing Display as using up 92% of my battery life since I installed it; whereas, before it was the various programs I was running that would show as major battery users. Now my programs are not even in the running except for Beautiful Widgets showing as 2%. Is it the high Display use that you are attributing to Screebl?

    I am using CM, overclocked with Bekits to 1.2Ghz using SetCPU on a MotoDroid and mulittask like a demon, but definitely surprised by shorter battery life and the sudden Display use phenomena since installing Screebl.

  15. Skeletronix

    Skeletronix Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded xiia live lite the other day. Used to be called Droid Live, not sure why they changed the name. This is a great satellite radio app. Nice UI and a simple yet responsive widget. Listening to the comedy station on drives has changed my life. Check it out in the market. If anyone knows of a better app for this kind of thing I'd love to check it out!
  16. Greydon

    Greydon Member

    Could have overlooked it...but i am looking for SUPERB GPS app. I am looking for a way to use it as if it were a Gramin GPS. any thoughts?
  17. tcrockett

    tcrockett Member

    are you on 2.1? the navigator on my phone is just as good as my Garmin
  18. Greydon

    Greydon Member

    yes i am...thank you...i just got it yesterday...and was wondering.

    Also taking some of the app ideas here and seeing what i like. Thanks everyone.
  19. DEinMA

    DEinMA Well-Known Member

    Does the "elite" or upgrade version of Call Confirm work better with bluetooth?? I really like this functionality, but have found when you set the bluetooth preference to disable it disables even when bluetooth is not connected to a paired device.

    So, in essence, this app has become useless for me because I like to keep bluetooth on all the time. :(
  20. DEinMA

    DEinMA Well-Known Member

    Ditto. Other than the p!ss poor voice quality, the Google maps Navigation is very accurate and responsive to recalculating. I find that finding addresses is better (quicker & easier) than any GPS unit I have used thus far.
  21. hasbrobot

    hasbrobot Well-Known Member

    Anyone try "LauncherPro Beta" its a new home replacement. It's waayyy better than anyother I've used. You have got to try this!!!
  22. danmil05

    danmil05 Well-Known Member

    Hey eveyone, I just got the OTA to 2.1 and wanted to ask is there any good apps (mainly games) that are in the app store in 2.1 that wasn't in 1.5?
  23. Cellmate

    Cellmate Well-Known Member

    Ok now this is a find, I have never made so many wrong calls with any other phone I have owned.
  24. shaggylouie

    shaggylouie Well-Known Member

    "Call Confirm" is just what I needed. Great find!
  25. Pattie

    Pattie Active Member

    Call Confirm is great!!! Thanks!!

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