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  1. galaxys4g

    galaxys4g Member

    This will be my first Android phone (just ordered it, hopefully I'll get it next week), so I'm wondering if there are some apps that improve performance. My brother has an HTC and swears by AppKiller. Is this a good one, or are there better versions? Since there's not much room in the onboard memory, I was also looking at the "Apps to sdcard" app. Advice and suggestions welcome!

  2. wmikemon

    wmikemon Member

    You don't need any kind of App killing app. This phone comes with a Task Manager that will end any running apps and also clean out your RAM of any unwanted background processes.

    Get the phone, Root it, get Titanium Backup, Get rid of the Bloatware, send your apps to the SD card. Simple as that.

    Don't get rid of Telenav, however. There are reports of it messing up your GPS if you do. Pretty much any of the other useless apps T-Mo and Samsung put on there are expendable, though.

    Really...not much is needed to make this device speedy. It comes that way outta the box.
  3. Rico Corbata

    Rico Corbata Member

    How do you root your cellphone, and what are the advantages of doing so? And would rooting the cellphone void my protection warranty? I want to make my cellphone speedier at downloading videos from YouTube. ;)
  4. ROMVS

    ROMVS Member

    They have already answered your question about performance. Root or use task manager. As for must have apps, my essential apps are:
    keep silent - can switch phone to silent when you face it down
    gesture search - trace letters on the screen and it will search your contacts and apps
    shazam - it will identify most songs that is currently playing and sometimes even provide lyrics in line with the music (instant karaoke!)
    wifi analyzer - will let you analyze the channels of wifi networks near you, good for setting the right channel for your home wireless network for less interference
    addons dectector - to make sure you don't install an app that sends spam messages to your notificatication bar, uninstall quick if it finds something after you installed an app

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