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Must Have Root Apps

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  1. Hightest

    Hightest Member

    Hey Guys, I have read some of the other posts round the site and wanted to get some updates from you guys rockin the x2's.

    So What are some of your favorite must have root apps?:D

    I ask for the reason is im sick of searching the market. lol:eek::D

    I got a couple that I cant live without.

    Android overclock

    Rom Toolbox pro

    Hot Reboot

  2. Wizard Prang

    Wizard Prang Well-Known Member

    Can we say "Titanium Backup"?
  3. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    You do know that the X2 can't be overclocked with the locked bootloader, don't you?
    And I've never been a fan of the hot reboots. I've always felt better with complete reboots.
    But ROM Toolbox is one awesome tool. Big fan here.
    Some of my other favorite tools are AdFree, Cerberus, MyBackup, and WiFiKill.

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