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  1. Mr. Right

    Mr. Right Member

    OK, I haven't seen a thread dealing with my exact overnight charging issue. Let's say my phone battery is at 80% and I go to bed.

    Here are the steps I take:
    1. Turn off Wifi
    2. Use Advanced Task Killer to kill all apps (except for the alarm clock).
    3. Plug in the USB charger (or docking station for that matter)
    4. Press the "sleep" button once so the screen goes dark. Or, just allow the screen to sleep. It doesn't matter either way.
    5. Go to sleep.

    When I wake up in the morning my battery level might be at 50%!!!! How is this possible. And, say, 60% of "what's been using the battery" is "Display" (!?!)

    Also, I can unplug the charger from the phone, then put it back in and by the time I'm showered and dressed for work the battery indicator icon is at full (probably above 90%).

    What's going on here and what can I do to fix this? It's REALLY annoying.

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    When you connect the charger before going to bed do you check if it actually starts charging? Some people reported that it does not always stat charging for them and they have to disconnect it and connect again.
  3. TwinDragons

    TwinDragons Well-Known Member

    You task killed the usb application. Next time look at the list of appications running and add the usb to the ignored list.
  4. Mr. Right

    Mr. Right Member

    Yes, I do - thanks for asking.

    I've tried this with or without my Otterbox case. Each time I plug in the charger the battery icon in the top right corner of the phone has the animated black lightning bolt.

    I always check.
  5. Mr. Right

    Mr. Right Member

    I don't think so - there's no USB app to kill. Just things like Astro, Music Player, Corporate Calendar, Voice Dialer...

    Plus, I see the lightning bolt...

    By the way, why does my Corporate Calendar app always need to be killed - I never use it. In fact, I haven't even configured it to an Exchange Server yet. Does the app start up when a browser window is opened?

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