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General muve music update SNS error

  1. turnandburn

    turnandburn Member

    I installed the muve music update, and now everytime I turn on my phone it always gives me this error. It says...

    The application SNS (process com.huawei.sns) has stopped unexpectedly please try again.

    It gives me this message a few times after i turn on the phone and then stops. If I try to go to the streams area in the dialer, it also gives me this same error. This makes me think it has something to do with this factory streams feature which I have absolutely no interest in anyway. I'm just glad this error seemingly doesn't affect anything like some of the other problems you guys are having.

    Can anyone confirm for sure what this message is referring to. I would greatly appreciate your knowledge, even though the cost of not figure this out seems to be negligible haha. But it just really bugs me, ha.



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