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  1. Chiryder

    Chiryder Well-Known Member

    What gives?! The phone asked me to update and I did and it completely reset everything. I have to go and find all my apps and re-install them and update them all over again. Plus, the Muve Music thing won't even work. How do I use the Muve Music?

  2. log3an

    log3an Member

    I saw the update also, but nothing about it on the web so I called;
    Cricket is now offering the Muve music with some android phones, its $65/month, and you get a lot more media.

    For the Muve to work
    1. download and install the ota update
    2. upgrade the smartphone plan to the android/muve plan for 10 bucks extra 3. go to a Cricket store for another system/hardware update, where you'll also receive a special memory card or something. The site says Muve phones have it integrated into the OS, so I assume this hardware add-on allows that within the android system.
  3. dazeone

    dazeone Member

    The phone notifies u of the muve update wow but does not tell u that you will need to get a muve SD card for app to work correctly n me personally I don't see any reason to pay more for that service when there r apps out there're to get the same music. So you will need to go by an additional SD card
  4. DankB23

    DankB23 Member

    so i just updated, and did the backup before the update, how do i install the backup to get all my contacts and apps back, thanks for the help
  5. DankB23

    DankB23 Member

    i see the file on my phone, how do i actually run it tho...
  6. DankB23

    DankB23 Member

    i found it, you need to open the allbackup app and run the backup, phew, guess i will keep chattting with myself over here ....

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