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My 5 reasons to not update to stock FroYo :-(Tips

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  1. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    After testing the available stock ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy 5 I've noticed a few issues that arise after upgrading from stock

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  2. ppacie

    ppacie Member


    First of all, thank you for sharing this 5 BIG issues with us. So, one more question.

    Are these 5 issues present only any particular country? or the ROM is equal for everyone? (I'm from Argentina but I didn't upgrade yet because I've Mac...but the update is available. Moreover, SG5 in Argentina's stores is being sold with Froyo now.)
  3. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    Hi ppacie,
    I've tested FroYo for the I5500 (the phone for the European Market). Already tried lots of ROMs for different sub-markets : Swedish, British, Belgian, Italian, Romanian and noticed these issues with all of them. This makes me think that it is no different for other 2.2 ROMs around the world. Didn't tested the I5500L 2.2.1 ROM however. Maybe some of these bugs are not persisting there too.

    So sad that FroYo has so many nice features, but Samsung did not polished its ROMs yet. I like the tethering support, the built-in task manager and some other...

    The safest choice to avoid some of these bugs should be to test the Motafoca mods of FroYo. At least compass has been fixed there.

    How about the firmware update and the Mac - I'm also using a Mac, but used VMware Fusion and update was smooth ;)
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  4. ppacie

    ppacie Member

    I am trying it today, then I'll let you know. Can I downgrade to 2.1 if I don't like it?

  5. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    Yes, you can. What is the product code of your phone ?
  6. ppacie

    ppacie Member

    Pressing:*2767*4387264636# the code is: I5500YKPUFN

    But from Settings > About Phone > Baseband Version: I5500LUYJH3

  7. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

    It's Latin American version for Argentina. I was asking for it because this http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-europa-5/321656-manual-device-cant-updated-workaround.html
    If you upgrade your phone to a newer version of its firmware and later decide to go back, you could always get a 2.1 from some of the public archives already available at the topic that I've left above or at samfirmware.com but if you do not reflash to a firmware intended for you product code your phone will not be possible to update again with KIES, but only with ODIN.
  8. degeneration

    degeneration New Member

    Editted out - found solutions/work arounds to the problems I was experiencing.
  9. ppacie

    ppacie Member


    I could update my Samsung I5500 to official Froyo 2.2 but it doesn't let me install Adobe Flash Player 10.1/2/3.

    Could you?
  10. Ahmadinejad

    Ahmadinejad Active Member

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  11. europadroid

    europadroid Well-Known Member

    I just got another update via Kies, phone is now Baseband I5500XWJP4

    My compass now seems to be working OK?
  12. Tombot

    Tombot Active Member

    Tbh i havent experianced any of these issues sooo
  13. nor have I!
    But that doesn't mean others haven't.....

    In saying that though, I did purchase the phone with 2.2Froyo on it already, I would have preferred to get the phone with Eclair and upgrade myself at a later date....even if it was just to see the difference between the both (I'm a nerd like that) but the seller insisted on upgrading
    I wouldn't mind rooting my phone though for full customisation capabilities!

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