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my ace restarts itself !!Support

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  1. Moud

    Moud Member

    Hey Recently My Ace Started this problem
    when i use it suddenly it freezes then restarts it self
    this makes me mad cause sometimes i can't even use it
    can anybody just help me ??

  2. avyrez

    avyrez Member

    what did u install ... root?...
  3. Moud

    Moud Member

    it's rooted but this thing happened after 1 month since rooting my mobile
    so it's not the problem i guess
  4. avyrez

    avyrez Member

    did u try a factory reset?
    Moud likes this.
  5. Moud

    Moud Member

    THank you Now It's Fine
    I used factory reset and everything is fine
    and because i made a backup Everything is Okay (Y)
    Thanks Again
  6. Rakholia Gopal

    Rakholia Gopal New Member

    I used factory reset also but not fine anything
  7. avyrez

    avyrez Member

    did u root your android?...flash rom or kernel?

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