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My Ainol 7 Advanced II will arrive ssonTips

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  1. Astralogic

    Astralogic Member

    Howdy, in preparation for my new tablet I'd like to know if there is anything I should know about. For example is it important to get any particular updates or anything like that.

    Is there any modded/custom firmware available for this tablet and is it recommended to use it?

    Things like that.


  2. ErnestoRD

    ErnestoRD Member

    Hi!, i just got mine about a week ago. Overall i think it works pretty good (for the money of course) :)
    About updates, just make shure it has Android 4.0.3 installed. some had 4.0.1
    If that is your case, you can find the "latest" 4.0.3 rom image on the ainol site.

    For me, the things i have to complain about so far are...

    - There are some chineese applications in it, i used a script to remove them.

    - The tablet DOES have android market preinstalled, and it auto upgrades itself to google play store, it works fine, however, a LOT of applications are said to "not be compatible with my device". For example google maps, facebook, google earth, etc. I had to "manually" search for them in google and install the .APKs manually.
    Ibe heard that there is a way to alter some configuration files on the tablet, to "trick" google play store (market) into letting me install those apps directly from the market, but havent found out exactly how that works yet. If anyone knows wich configuration files i need to edit, please let me know, i can use ADB).

    - The "Encrypt tablet" option doesnt seem to work. It does nothing.

    Other that those issues, the tablet works pretty well, and its fast.

    If you need any help, links to scripts, how to root it, etc. feel free to PM me.
  3. Astralogic

    Astralogic Member

    Thanks for being helpful EarnestoRD, i'll PM you if I need any help.

    Also you might want to check out something called Aptoide, it's like a database of repositiries of apps. Much like google market but you can add many repos to it and have a massive database of apps to choose from. It has all those from google play that are unseen.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to add more repos to it. A great tool is repo-finder but how to add them to the program? I always get asked for a username/password. Yet everyone else seems to manage it fine.
  4. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    hey guys im getting mine soon as well if you guys have used a root script let me know cause i wanna root mine as well and if any roms you guys are using thanks in advance
  5. Astralogic

    Astralogic Member

    Hi there, I haven't rooted mine nor installed any roms, I simply haven't seen the need, everything works great as is

    If yours doesn't come with Android 4.0.3 you can use this guide to upgrading firmware.

    The lack of a volume control on this tablet is annoying but you can download rubberbigpeppers app called 'volume control', tick the box to always start at startup and now you have your much need permanent access to the volume.

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