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my almost EVO experience (Browse All)

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  1. bill t

    bill t Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 26, 2010
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    Around noon, I went to my local Radio Shack to check out Evo. There were no displays, no ads, nothing to indicate the Evo. When I asked the salesman if I could see the Evo, he chuckled and mumbled something about having only one. I said that I just want to see the thing, not necessarily buy their one and only (probably already-committed) phone. He brought out a dummy model. I then took out my Hero for comparison, at which point he lost all interest, since obviously I wasn't going to be buying an Evo on a new contract.

    The Evo is huge, much bigger than what I would consider a phone. I already lug around a mini-laptop, a Thinkpad X300, and the Evo won't quite replace it. I think I will stick to the Hero until something with the same form-factor but Evo specs comes out.

    The RS couldn't wait to get me out, even though I only spent a minute playing with the mock-phone. How much does a RS or BB drone make from a new cell contract anyways? $200 ? More?

  2. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2010
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    My Sprint store had a crowd, snacks, and lots of ads and two working demos.

    I love mine. The size concerned me, but it is VERY pocketable in jeans.
  3. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2009
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    Not to be a jerk (every time someone says that they are about to be a jerk) but what is the point of this thread exactly?
  4. avengence

    avengence Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2010
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    I'm surprised some people didnt have stock. My local Sprint corp store still had stock before they closed. I waited in kine and was first in. Wasted my time waiting in line but it was fun. This phone is huge but fits perfectly in my pocket.

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