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  1. Etomas

    Etomas New Member

    hey guys, a few weeks ago i updated my android system from 2.1.1 i think to 2.3.6 gingerbread but now am having issues with this new system, when i transfer new musics to my galaxy gio, and i go to my android music player it only show me the old musics i have before the update, i already tried some things like go to appmaneger and clear all data, or use scan media, or sdrescan and it doesnt work for me pls guys help me with it, bcuz its very boring to play one song at time on my files, when i want to listen an album.
    what can i do to fix it??
    Edson tomas

  2. Etomas

    Etomas New Member

    solve it....just had to format my sdcard...thanks guys
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