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  1. vai

    vai New Member

    Hie guys...
    I updated my Lg optimus gt540 2 days ago from android 1.6 to 2.1.....
    at begining it worked fyn bt aftr 3 days of ate up my phones speed(i am nt saying updation was responsible for this)....
    I chose to factory reset my phone.....
    Now android market and some other mobile data apps are not working....Showing erors like "Aplication settinga are not responding" etc....:confused:
    Plz do give me solution as fast as posible....
    also telll me if i shud update it to 2.3 or there chances of bricking???
    thanks in advance.....:)

  2. garysri

    garysri Member

    have you tried clearing the cache of the app?
  3. ThatRockGuy

    ThatRockGuy New Member

    Having the same problems. You would've thought you could just update the Market manually but trying different apks this is not the case. I feel like my phone's a fancy brick without it. All I can think of doing is getting someone to get this thing rooted and a custom rom installed but I'm uncomfortable doing so - especially if this does not solve my problem. is what happened to me - I wish I knew this thread was here beforehand.
  4. ThatRockGuy

    ThatRockGuy New Member

    Upgrading to 2.3 (Cyanogenmod) fixed my problem - helps if you have someone you can trust to do it for you, though I might just have been able to scrape by on my own following a guide. There are plenty of stock roms floating around too but Cyanogenmod has exceeded my expectations. Just make sure you find a stable version - 7.1.0 is what I'm running, everything works, just miss a couple of LG's stock rom functions.

    Carphone Warehouse would've reflashed me my stock 2.1 back on, but they asked
  5. mothkuri

    mothkuri New Member

    here i got d solution for this as i also suffered d same problem...}

    first root your fone using rooting softwares like z4root then install ROM_Toolbox giving it super user permissions.

    1)open ROM_Toolbox_Pro
    2)choose App Manager
    3)Switch to All apps on the top tab an search for Market
    4)To the right of the app, it shows a check box. Tick it.then at the bottom of ur screen u l get a horizontal scrollable options bar. scroll to the right and find Link to Market

    Dats it..ur done...

    Link for the Rom tool box CLICK HERE
  6. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    AF doesn't support piracy. I would suggest linking the OP to the app in the play store.
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